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Bare minerals original foundation review

I’m not the one to buy mineral foundations usually as they look like they would go all cakey and weird on oily areas and all patchy and clingy on dry areas. But this was far from the truth as I’m about to discuss in this bare minerals original foundation review.

Before stating my opinion, let’s quickly go through what this product aims to provide its owners with.

The bare minerals original foundation is a lightweight and long wearing loose powder designed to build medium to full coverage easily for all skin tones and skin types, especially ‘ideal for sensitive skin’.

It’s supposed to vanish the ‘appearance of imperfections’. Whilst the natural ingredients infused, should help give a ‘clear, healthier looking skin over time’.

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Bare minerals original foundation review

How good is the stay power?

So one of the reasons why I didn’t really pay much attention to mineral or powdered foundations was because I just can’t imagine them lasting long, like how can a powder compete with a liquid foundation?

Because of this thought, I hadn’t even touched a powdered form product. But that was until I saw a friend of mines wearing a foundation, it looked so natural on her throughout the whole day, I had to find out what it was!

That foundation happened to be the bare minerals original one.

Anyways, after this I had to try it on, wondering if I am going to get similar results.

So after trying it out for a day, I can say I was pleased with the outcome!

The lasting power is great it took nine hours of out and about to tire this beast out.

(Note:we have mainly combination skin)

Buildable coverage

Another thing I like about this powder is that you have easy control over what type of coverage you want for example if you want a light coverage then you can do so with a stippling brush.

For a medium coverage you can just continue using the same brush to add more layers or opt for a foundation brush.

Full coverage is achievable with a kabuki brush quite easily. Wide range of choices right?

Even with the fullest coverage it’s just so light and natural looking! That’s what I love about it.

Blending and application

Blending for me was okay but it required a little work but I think this was down to me not using a moisturiser or any other products. Application was quick and easy. The powder went down evenly.

Make sure you tap the excess powder off before applying!

More than just a foundation

This foundation by bare minerals makes sure you aren’t just applying a powder, it comes with extra benefits such as protection from the sun with its SPF 15 and it’s made out of ‘skin-loving mineral’ ingredients to make sure your left with beautiful clear and smooth skin.

You won’t believe what they said, this makeup is so pure, you could sleep in it and you won’t even breakout! That’s partly why sensitive skin peeps should check this product out.

Thanks to the all natural and mineral ingredients you don’t have to worry about your skin getting dry! How nice is that! A powder foundation that doesn’t dry your skin!

The foundation has a little sparkle to it which is how you get the luminous glowing look. Don’t worry about the glitteriness it’s barely noticeable once on your face.

Any improvements

Now onto the part which many dread. Right let’s get it over and done with.

So what I didn’t really like is the packaging it comes in. It comes in those circle shaped small containers which when I try opening it sometimes, the powder spills out and I find it hard to put back excess powder that comes out onto the tub.

The shade selection is okay but adding a few more would give it that extra boost.

Overall, I really like this foundation and would buy it again. It really changed my mind on powdered foundation altogether and I’m glad. It’s great for those who love a no makeup look. You should definitely check it out, especially sensitive skin peeps.

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Have a great day!?

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