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Inika lipstick-true review!

If you have a look on my site you might notice I have reviewed quite a few inika products. As well as being vegan and cruelty-free, they are also certified organic and are eco friendly. Their products have some great ingredients too so the inika lipstick was definitely next on the list to try.

Here’s what Inika state on their organic vegan lipstick:

This lipstick delivers a beautiful satin finish with a luxurious smooth texture, it decorates the lips with long lasting hydration and nourishment all because of the certified organic natural oils, that is jojoba, avocado and argon oil.

Apparently with this lipstick your lips will be enriched with skin softening benefits that transmits long lasting rich colour for a lush pout.

And below is how the inika lipstick went for me!

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How easy is it to apply?

The texture is quite nice, formulated with a smooth creaminess that thankfullInika organic vegan lipsticky makes application easy. It glides on without effort. The bullet is shaped well at the tip allowing for more control when it comes to corners until you use it and flatten it. Teeeheee!

I personally prefer to use a q tip and then switch to a lip brush to paint it on.

With this method there isn’t no problem with the application too!

However, I have noticed that if you somehow don’t manage to smudge it quick enough then it can be a bit of a drag.

Moisturizing or drying?

I have pretty dry lips when winter comes around so lipsticks worn without proper prepping and moisturising are a nightmare!

The inika lipstick appeared to be moisturizing in the first few hours but then started to cling to dry patches towards the end which I wasn’t surprised about as it was my fault due to me not  moisturizing properly.

To make it a bit fair I then used a moisturizer and the results were a little different, in the way that it didn’t cause dry patches too soon which I’ll accept.

Overall this lipstick isn’t drying and I’d like to say is moisturizing especially if you keep your lips hydrated or use a lip balm.

The ingredients in my opinion do help to hydrate and I’m glad they are organic and formulated without chemicals.

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There are around 12 shades available for the organic vegan lipstick which consist of peachy pinks, reds and purple.

The shades I currently like are “after dark” which is a dark red, “honeysuckle” a pinky rose, naked kiss which is a pale off pink and a few more.

Eventhough the shade range is not too bad, I would love it if a bunch of wild colours were made that consisted of bolds and brights.

These lipsticks do have a little shine/glisten to them but that’s what I like about them, they aren’t to glittery so come off great looking. If you don’t like shimmer than there are 3 matte shades available. 

How long does it last?

The lastage is long enough to get through usual daily activities but you have to use primer to ensure its maximum potential. Without the primer I had to reapply a few times after 3 and a half hours.

The lipstick does have a little scent to it which I’m not to bothered about but other have said it’s not very appealing.


The things I did like about this vegan lipstick is of course the ingredients, application too is okay, and I also liked that it didn’t dry my lips up.

What I wasn’t too keen on is the shimmering that’s left behind after if you don’t remove it thoroughly, although it does look good when on the lip with the colour.

Another thing which let the product down is the colouring, it’s quite different to the actual product when applied to the lips.

Do you have any problems with your lipstick? Release the tension in the comment section!

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