Bare minerals pressed powder foundation-Worth it?

The bare minerals pressed powder foundation is an award-winning product but that’s not why I went to go grab myself one, trust me! I decided to try something a little different, you see I’m always using liquid form products and you can say I was getting somewhat bored so a change was needed! Starting from a powdered foundation.

Carry on reading to find out my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of!


Bare minerals pressed powder foundationThe bare minerals barepro powder foundation is free from many junks including paraben free, talc free, SLS free, it’s vegan and cruelty-free. I mean who wouldn’t want that!

Anyways back to what the brand state about this product, the bare minerals powdered foundation is made to last whopping ‘16 hours’ with full coverage too! It visibly aims to absorb ‘oil and controls shine for 24 hours’, sounds like it’s made for oily or combination skin peeps including me!

Apart from that the foundation also works to even ‘skin tone and texture’ overtime, can be applied wet and dry, is transfer, sweat and humidity resistant! It features a non caking formula and non drying, I could go on forever stating the properties of this foundation so I think we shall check it out now!

An astonishing amount of shades!

I’m actually surprised at how diverse the shade range is. It consists of a total of 35 shades with various undertones too, cool, warm as well as neutral! This means a close match is highly likely.

Usually I have to mix and match at least 2 different shades as I can’t get the hues to look natural on me. I mix a cool undertone shade with a tiny bit of warm however thankfully this time round I found my fit, being only one shade, with the help of some friends! The best shade match for me is ‘light 22 cool’ however I am suspecting this could change to a more richer tone in the summer.

If you know your shade of foundation changes during season then it’s best to maybe go a shade either cooler or richer depending on the season. It kind of saves you from buying extra.


This foundation can be applied either wet or dry, with me preferring to go for dry when I need light coverage and damp when I require a little more coverage. I found both ways provided good coverage with the dry needing a little more amount especially if you are looking for a full coverage.

Application overall is easy and quick which I am surprised about as I often stay clear from powdered finishes due to them not being as smooth as liquid foundation types, I mean that was my thought before trying out the bare minerals pressed foundation but I can now say powders can be just as smooth!


‘Sweat, humidity and transfer-resistant’

So is it? Well I can certainly agree it is transfer resistant since I wore a white shirt and there wasn’t any pigments on it so that’s a tick with that being said I’m not sure about the sweat and humidity as I haven’t experienced that atmosphere yet.

Bare minerals do state this foundation provides ‘24 hour oil and shine control’, and since I do have combination skin with excess oil popping here and there on my t zone, I was pretty desperate to see the results! How’d it go?

It did fine in the first couple hours however after a while my chin started to shine bright like a diamond, just kidding it weren’t that bad, it was a minor glow. I would say is absorbs oil to some extent as the main area where I’d usually experience excess oil production which is my t zone, wasn’t trying to outshine the rest of the face.

I do recommend using a matte primer if you have oily skin as it’ll definitely helps keep the excess oil in check.

The formula was gentle on my skin, not causing any problems such as drying or irritation and the annoying one, breakout which I sometimes experience. I think it’s partly or wholly thanks to the non comedogenic formula along with a bunch of healthy ingredients like pineapple complex, peony extract and sugarcane derived squalane known for its hydrating, nourishing and brightening properties.

Does it actually last 16hrs?

I mean it does sound a little too good to be true especially from a powdered form, right?

I’d say it does have a possibility, I personally don’t wear foundations for that long, maxing at about 7 hours and then done! This foundation clinged on for a good 7 hours, it could have easily done more had I left it. I like how I didn’t have to do any touch ups between them hours too so it certainly does well in the lastage game!

So overall I rate the bare minerals pressed powder foundation an 8/10! I like how it changed my perception on powdered finish products, the lastage too was impressive as was the ease of application after I had prepped well. The shade range was also great as was the lightweight formula.

There is got to be something I didn’t like right? Correct! If I had to pick the downside it would be the difficulty at first of getting the powder onto my brush, dampening a tiny bit does the trick though!

That’s it for now peeps!

So what’s your take on powdered products, are they yay or nay? Let me know in the comment section below!

If you don’t want to leave just yet then I suggest you check out here for more powdered foundations!

Have a great day!

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