Best makeup brushes for lips!

Looking for the best makeup brushes for lips? Well then you are at the right spot my friends! These lip brushes are designed to be used in smaller more hard to reach places thanks to their precise tips. They follow through perfectly around the corners or along the edges of your lips!

Shall we begin?! I think so!

And don’t worry these are vegan as well as cruelty free!

Quick Overview

  • Illamasqua lip brush
  • Charlotte Tilbury lip brush
  • Lush pucker brush
  • Nanshy lip brush
  • Jane Iredale retractable lip brush

Illamasqua lip brush

The Illamasqua lip brush is a flat angled brush which is made to provide ‘ultimate control’ whilst you line your lip or apply lipstick. It features a precise angle which allows you to create fuller lip looks by defining the small cupids bow.

Illamasqua suggest by applying any lipstick or lip product starting from the cupids bow using their rounded part of the brush. Next move onto the sides and bottom centre with the straight part of the brush, following the natural shape of the lips. This lip brush can do any lip look. It is vegan too!

Charlotte tilbury lip brush

Charlotte tilbury have quite a bunch of amazing brushes but we are going to talk about the lip brush in particular. The rose gold and night crimson brush is a squared tip brush which is apparently designed for precise lipstick application. It is on the expensive side coming in at £20!

Best makeup brushes for lipsThe square end design allows you to get right into the corners of the lips, one of the trickiest part at times but not with this brush. Each brush is crafted to shape by a master brush make from Europe.

So if you want a super precise finish every time then I suggest you check out the Charlotte tilbury lip brush. It is made from synthetic bristles so fret not!

Lush pucker brush

The lush pucker lip brush is a travel friendly brush that helps you line your lips better whether that be with a lip liner or lipstick. It comes with a lid too making it a great travel friendly product. When you are ready to paint your pout, the small lush brush will seamlessly allow you to apply, buff and blend for a ‘subtle finish’.

It is tightly packed with synthetic bristles and fitted with a lid which you can snap back after you have finished using it! The perfect product for application and touch ups throughout the day! Don’t worry the lush lip brushes are 100% cruelty free and vegan, made lovingly by hand. Plus their handles are created from lightweight aluminium as well as sustainable sourced wood nicely finished in vegan laquer.

Nanshy lip brush

Best makeup brushes for lipsAccording to nanshy these lip brushes will become you favourite from the very first time you use it! It features a ‘precise, small but firm head which will allow you to effortlessly apply your favourite lip product! Not only that but these nanshy makeup brushes are fitted with antibacterial synthetic bristles!

Each bristle is designed in the UK as well as hand assembled and tested. The brushes have a soft feel yet are sturdy in the handle so you can apply without having the issue of shedding. And just like the lush pucker brush, these lip brushes too features a lid which you can use to prevent lipstick from going all over your bag.

Jane iredale retractable lip brush

The Jane Iredale as you can tell by the name is a retractable lip brush, a cool idea right?! The lip brush is designed with a small, ‘soft pointed’ layout made from naturan according to the brand. The main use for this brush is to apply and blend all lip products including glosses, lip liners, mattes and other lipstick!

The brushes are styled in a golden colouring all around with it being shaped similar to a pen especially with the pointed tip with retractable abilities. With a cool appearance to it like that, I wouldn’t be surprised at the cost it comes at, around £23.50 or $29.45!

Right that is it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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