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Hourglass confession lipstick review – Honest opinion

I haven’t given hourglass a try much apart from one or two face products to which I had fairly good experiences with. So I thought why not give the hourglass confession lipstick a go, plus it has an eye-catching packaging which you can not ignore!

But is there more to it than just the outer shell?

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Hourglass confession lipstick

Before I go stating what I think about this lipstick let’s just run through what this product aims to provide it’s customers.

Hourglass says this 100% vegan lipstick ‘delivers a saturated, long wearing colour with a satin finish’. You also get the usual lipstick feature which is the no smudge or feathering results. But are any of these true? Or to what extent? Read on to find out.


One of the best thing about the hourglass confession lipstick is the packaging, I think it’s pretty obvious!

The product is situated in a golden case which definitely gives it that luxurious feel and appearance. It’s slim, shiny and perfectly designed to fit without taking up any space and feel comfy to hold.

But we aren’t done here, oh no! Hourglass decided to go even further with their design by making their lipsticks refillable. You can change and swap as you please with any of their shades.

All you need to do is remove the black cap and base as well as the casing off and off you go! Though at first it seems confusing but after a little curiosity, you’ll find your way.

This way you don’t have to keep purchasing the whole product, sustainable in a way. By the way the refills are sold separately.


Another good feature of the confession lipstick is the shade range! There are approximately 40 shades to choose and refill with. The shades range from nudes to pinks, berries and reds, so does include light to rich tones.

Because it was my first time trying these lipsticks and I wasn’t initially in need of lip products I only decided to purchase one shade. I know, I know I should have got more but oh well there’s always next time maybe.

The shade I purchased is a nude one called ‘I lust for’, which for me is great for daily wear.

I think there is definitely something for everyone!


Now onto the serious talk. So how does it feel and last?

Well the texture as you fill in your pout feels quite smooth and has a creamy consistency to it. Thanks to this the formula spreads beautifully and easily.

It also possess some great pigmentation luckily as one of the downsides I found was that it does seem to run out quickly. So the high pigmentation helps controls this as you wouldn’t need to apply layers to get enough coverage.

Before I go onto lastage I just want to say, if you have dry lips like me don’t forget to moisture! This lipstick does have hydration to it but for my lips there is no such a thing as enough hydration at times.

Due to the lipsticks thin sleek shape, lining and contouring is easy. I find the applicator provides great control and precision like stated. I hardly have a top lip, like they are tiny so usually I would find it quite hard going over the barely-there outline however with this product I can say the job was a lot easier.


Now here’s where I think the lipstick struggles. I didn’t really find it lasting as long, even though hourglass states it as their main feature.

It barely gave me 3 hours of stay power. I’d say 2-2 1/2 hours is the mark before cracks started to appear on my dry lip even though I prepped well beforehand.

As for feathering, I didn’t see that as a major issue and also didn’t appear to smudge noticeably.

So overall I’d rate this confessions lipstick a 7/10! I really loved the shade range as well as how easy it was to apply and the refillable feature however I believe a lipstick should last awhile, on the lip as well as the product as a whole especially with a medium price tag.

Have you tried any of hourglasses products? Which one would you recommend?

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Have a great day!?

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  • Jake Devins

    My girlfriend recently gave the Hourglass Confession Lipstick a try, and she’s absolutely loving it! She’s been telling me how impressed she is with this lipstick ever since she got it. 

    First off, she can’t get enough of the elegant packaging; it’s like a work of art. But beyond that, she’s found the lipstick to be super long-lasting, even surviving her morning coffee and lunch without needing a touch-up. Plus, she’s thrilled with the variety of shades available, which made it easy for her to find the perfect one for her. 

    The texture is smooth and comfortable, making it a top choice for both everyday wear and special occasions. She’s genuinely enthusiastic about recommending it to anyone in search of a lipstick that blends style, staying power, and a wide range of flattering colors.

  • Claude, Admin

    Thank you for sharing your honest review of the Hourglass Confession Lipstick! I appreciate your detailed analysis of its packaging, shade range, and application. The fact that the lipstick is refillable is an eco-friendly touch, and the variety of shades is impressive.

    Your insight on the application process, especially for those with dry lips, is helpful. It’s great to know that it offers good pigmentation for better coverage.

    However, the lasting power seems to be a bit of a drawback, with only 2-3 hours of wear. Lipstick longevity is indeed crucial, especially considering the price point.

    Overall, your review provides valuable information for those looking to try Hourglass products. Have you explored other items from their range? Your recommendations would be appreciated!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and have a wonderful day!

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