Lily lolo lipstick -Honest opinion!

The lily lolo lipstick got into my grasp after a friend who’s a fan of the brand suggested it to me, praising it’s hydrating properties. So how is it?

Do continue reading if you’d like to know whether it’s a me keeper or friend keeper!

Starting off with the description…


Lily lolo lipstickThe lipstick created for ‘women who crave colour without compromise’ according to the brand. This innovative product is able to provide an intense colour rich pigment with it’s ‘luxurious, creamy and hydrating texture’. The vegan lipstick is also said to hold a ‘seriously good stay power’.

As it features a combination of minerals, nourishing plant oils as well as ‘latest in synthetic pigments’, the formula should provide nourishment and hydration that not only looks great but feels great too! Some of the goodness named are grape seed, argon and sunflower seed oil!


The selection of colour choice is good with around 10 lipstick shades. They range from ‘chic and natural nudes’ to bolds and classic vibrant reds and pinks. A good variation I’d say able to cover a range looks, whether that be day or night.

Most the shades are in the berry spectrum so they match with pretty much any look, you can’t go wrong really. The shade I went for is ‘without a stitch’, a sheer rose brown which I find is the perfect hue for an everyday look, not too dramatic yet still visible.

I think their lightest shade is ‘flushed rose’ a rich rose pink with ‘stripped’ being on the other end of the spectrum, a rich deep red brown.

Shades = 8/10!


Right moving swiftly onto the application. Now Lily lolo do mention this lipstick having a ‘luxurious, creamy’ texture so does it?

Well I’d say it does have some creaminess to it and application is quite easy even though I do have pretty dry lips, moisturising beforehand is definitely key!

I don’t typically go over twice with any lipsticks, one coat provides enough colour, light yet effective, it was the same with the lily lolo vegan lipstick too. Though I did smear one coat, I felt like two would have been ideal to show off that intense colour that the brand mention.

As for the texture, it was certainly creamy which I’ve said before, and actually did well in keeping my often chapped lips hydrated, I’m guessing it is the addition of natural oils like sunflower seed oil, argon and grape seed.

Application = 9/10!


With the brand mentioning some ‘seriously good stay power’, I was expecting a long wear time. Did I receive that?

I’ll let you decide that, it got through roughly 5 hours till I started experiencing a little fading. To be honest I would consider that a good amount especially since I eat quite a lot too and drank!

The only other problem was the transferring of the colour onto some of what I consumed such as the cups but it was mainly towards the end. I think blotting does seem to ease the problem a little.

I didn’t experience any obvious feathering though nor bleeding which could be the good job of the lip liner I used or the lipstick itself. To be sure I’d have to check it on it’s own.

Lastage = 8/10!

A me keeper or friend keeper!?

Overall I rate this lipstick an 8/10! It has a fair deal of shades to select from, a decent pigmentation which is easily buildable for those who prefer a richer colour. The texture is smooth helping application too. The only issue is the transferring but that isn’t too much of a fuss for me. So what do you think is it a me keeper or a friend keeper?

A me keeper!

Sorry friend!

Anyways what are your thoughts on any of lily lolo’s products? Have you tried any of them?

And if you don’t want to leave just yet then I suggest you tap here to check out more vegan lipsticks!

Otherwise, have a great day!

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