NYX eyeshadow primer – My true opinion!

Hey peeps! What’s up? Hope you’ve been well! Today I decided to review the NYX eyeshadow primer which is said to be waterproof too! I don’t have many if any eyeshadow primers in my collection so adding one was definitely thrilling.

Right let’s get into it! If you want to know the ups and downs of this primer then do carry on reading!

Quick overview:


  • Easily spreadable
  • Lightweight
  • Did extend eyeshadow lastage
  • Makes a great base for applying eyeshadow


  • A little sticky


NYX state their ‘durable and waterproof’ eyeshadow primer will help ‘intensify’ your shadow looks!

NYX claim this primer is strong enough to keep your hard work in place ‘no matter what the weather’. And that’s without creasing and smudging!

NYX eyeshadow primerI haven’t really tried waterproof eyeshadow primer before, I never knew they existed, so I was pretty excited to try this one!

Guess I don’t wear much eye colour!


The primer comes, like many eyeshadow concealers or the usual concealers, in a small plastic tube, of course with a doe foot applicator fixed to the lid.

I’m not really a fan of small tubes with doe foot applicators as I can’t see through how much product is left or goes to waste.

Also, I’m not sure if the applicator absorbs a little of the product. I think makeup products with a creamy or thick consistency better suit an open tub.

But then again there could be a good reason behind their current packaging maybe it lasts longer or preserves well.

Okay enough of the rambling!


Onto now the application! How I apply it usually is by swiping the applicator onto my hand or wrist and then using my pinky finger, pat it onto my lids and lightly blend. I feel you have more control this way.

At first, it feels a little sticky when you give it a tap but as it sets, the stickiness retreats, thankfully. The primer itself is a colourless finish though it looks greyish white.

If you are looking for an eyeshadow which opens your eyes at the same time then this wouldn’t be ideal as it’s clear. Which to me is no problem, you can always use a light eyeshadow.

It is easily spreadable partly down to it’s almost liquid consistency and is lightweight! Applying shades was simple and they went down smoothly once the primer settled in.

I did notice the brand stating this primer helps intensify the shadow which I would say it does to some extent. Well the lighter shades or neutral ones do in my opinion appear more richer with the primer on than not so I guess they are telling the truth. With deeper hues I didn’t notice any difference.


I have quite oily lids, like seriously after a few hours they go all shiny like I applied oil myself.

If you have oily lids you’ll know how your beautiful work ends up looking after a few hours, even more so if you somehow manage to forget the life saving primer or unfortunately end up with a not so great product.

So where was I? Oh yh, I applied my shadows and then waited for the magic to set in, but did it work?

I’ll let you decide! It held the colours on my lid for roughly 2 hours extra, lasting altogether for about 6/7 hours.

That for me is reasonable! I did notice the lastage was fairly similar across different finishes whether it’s shimmery or matte.

Just to let you know I haven’t tested it yet in any interesting weather conditions apart from the sunny but not so warm day, where it was a positive experience.

I’m pretty sure it would do well though judging by how well it held together. There were no smudging or transferring of the shades either. So thumbs up!

Any problems

I personally didn’t experience any obvious problems but if I had to pick one it would have to be the stickiness, though it does vanish after a while.

So overall I would rate this waterproof primer an 8.9/10! I like that it didn’t aggravate my sensitive skin, and actually helped increase the eyeshadow lastage as well as making it easy to apply shades.

What does this mean for me? Would I stick to the usual primer or go for the waterproof option?

I think I’d definitely go for the waterproof formula as it provided obvious long-lasting results and a great stable base! And besides it’s pretty affordable too! At under £10!

Thanks for stopping bye! If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to drop them down below and I’ll try to get back to you!

Or if you want check out my review on the NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation.

Have a great day!?

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