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Tarte lights camera lashes review – is it worth it?

Tarte is a US cosmetic brand which is completely cruelty-free but not all vegan due to a few of their products containing beeswax and other animal by products. But don’t worry as there are plenty of vegan options, one of them being the lights camera lashes mascara! Continue reading the tarte lights camera lashes review to find out if this is really worth it!

What tarte claim this mascara does:

“This 4-in-1 mascara volumizes, lengthens, curls & conditions, acting like a push-up bra for your lashes!”

instantly lifts & curls
volumizes & lengthens to make eyes appear bigger and ultra pigment delivers darker, defined lashes as well as vitamin-rich formula conditions with each coat”

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Before I go into detail about the oooh’s and aahhh’s of this product let me quickly talk about my first impressions!

Well the actual box it comes in is the usual rectangular shape but with a fancy purple snake skin print design all around it.

When I first saw the mascara itself I thought what an odd (good way) but unique tube. It’s pretty cool if you ask me, with the same snakeskin design covering it and a few curves, it surely does stand out.Tarte lights camera lashes review

Volumize and lengthen?

Now time for the performance!

Tarte lights camera lashes main purpose is to volumize and lengthen as well as curl and condition. So I was fully expecting it to transform my lashes and transform it did!

I literally only needed to coat once for the results to be visible (bare in mind I do have naturally medium lengthed lashes), both for volumising and lengthening!

All my lashes were coated evenly, I think that’s all thanks to the brush.

It’s not too large that it ends up coating your eyelid as well but also not too small that only half your lashes get covered, it’s just the right size!


Another thing about this mascara, which I liked is the ingredients, they are a healthy bunch for your lashes. Ingredients stated on the website include:

Olive esters- condition, treat & protect lashes

Rice bran wax- helps lengthen the appearance of lashes

Carnauba wax– ensures a smooth application

Provitamin b5– helps hydrate & improve the appearance of lashes

Mineral pigments– soothe & soften the skin around the lash line

Vitamin C- helps fight free radicals.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Oh and they are formulated without nasties such as Parabens and phthalates.

Tarte lights camera lashes review
Tarte lights camera lashes

Does it clump or smudge?

From the moment of application to removal, I didn’t experience any clumping or smudging which is quite surprising but great, I was expecting some sort of mess.

Usually I would get a few smudges her and there especially as I touch around my eyes often but I’m happy to say this wasn’t the case this time round.

When I coated the lashes, they were all beautifully separated too and I was left with fluttery lashes.Tarte lights camera lashes review

The tarte lights camera lashes 4 in 1 mascara is a little dry but not clumpy with the first and second swipe, however if you continue building it does get a little.


Mascaras that last long whilst also at the same time stay just as strong as they were when first applied are awesome as they resemble natural lashes, when you don’t need to keep reapplying and topping up.

I can tell you for me this mascara nearly hit that, of course it didn’t look exactly how it first did but at least it lasted around 9 hours.

I know for sure based on how it looked towards the end it would have done easily another hour or half if I hadn’t cleaned it off.

Tartes mascara was also quite easy to wipe off with a eye makeup remover.Tarte lights camera lashes


So overall I think I would use the tarte lights camera lashes mascara as amazingly there were no crumbling or smudging beneath and around the eye area even though I am quite a fidgety person.

I also like the results it gave me and the longevity.

However it is a little pricey which is a downside for me and probably for some of you too. If I had to repurchase it I’d either wait for a sale or grab it after some time.

If you are looking for a mascara that is going to stay put for a while and actually show some difference to your already amazing lashes then you may like tartes lights camera lashes.

Made up your mind then I suggest you tap here to check it out!

What mascara is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below!

Right that’s it for now peeps, but if you really don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan mascaras!

Have a great day! ?

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  • Aubin Tshiyole

    I actually come across your website almost every day. This just goes to show how hard you are working. Keep it up. I will be sure to share this article with my partner. She is constantly talking to me about makeup like I know what is going on so I will be sure to share it with her. 

  • JR Estrada

    This site has all the attributes that a make-up review site should have. The content itself is phenomenal and you are sharing vital information regarding its ingredients that people who are searching for will want to know.

    As with any website we can always improve here and there. This type of content does great on Pinterest also which is a great opportunity to share even further your reviews

    So far so good at least in my eyes. Keep it up!

  • Liam Tremblay

    I think it worth it. It’s four in one mascara which volumizes, lengthens, curls & conditions your lashes. In my opinion each person must pay more attention to the mascara and what else that relate to the eye because eye can easily be affected by them so whenever I want to buy a mascara first of all i read the ingredient, Tarte lights camera lashes is made of: Rice bran wax, Carnauba wax, Provitamin b5, Mineral pigments and Vitamin C. All of them have advantages for the health of lashes. i didn’t use this brand before but now i can’t wait to go and buy one of them. THANKS my friend.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Liam thanks a lot for stopping by and for the comment! 
      Glad you enjoyed this post! Do you have a fav mascara or product?

      Have a great day!

  • Aly

    As someone who is always on the hunt for a good mascara, I found this review of the Tarte lights camera lashes mascara to be really helpful. I appreciate hearing your personal experience with the product. It’s great to hear that the mascara doesn’t clump or smudge, and lasts for a decent amount of time. However, the price point is a bit of a downside for me as well. Overall, I think I might give this mascara a try when it’s on sale and see how it works for me.

  • Dave Sweney

    Thanks for this comprehensive review of the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara review. I do buy such items as gifts for my girls and wife, and since I am spending good money, I would like them to be ones that they will actually appreciate and use.

    So often before I go out to make my purchases (or more likely order online, it is so easy these days!), I search the internet for some reviews of products I am thinking of buying. I will look like a hero when they have some of this, I am sure, based on your review and evaluation. 

    I personally do appreciate when the girls and my wife can use makeup tastefully to enhance their looks and how they feel about themselves. This is why I do try to get them such gifts. Based on what you conclude, I will give this a try and also likely will have a look at what other reviews you have – there are a lot of special days that I have to buy gifts for! 

  • Matias

    hey there! 

    stumbled upon your article while looking for a gift for my girlfriend. she’s into cruelty-free and vegan products, and this tarte mascara seems like a great option. your review convinced me it’s worth a shot, especially since it doesn’t clump or smudge. gonna grab one for her birthday. 

    thanks for the helpful info! 🙂

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