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Bare minerals face primer- honest opinion

Bare minerals face primer

The bare minerals face primer more specifically combo control, caught my eye online a while back, when I got tired of my then current primer. I was after a primer that’s built especially for combination skin with sensitive skin in mind too!

And guess what? The combo control seemed like it does just that so why not give it a go!

In this review I’m going to go through my favourite aspects of this primer as well as anything I didn’t really find cool. So stay with me if you are curious!

Quick overview:


  • Lightweight formula
  • Great lastage
  • Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin
  • No strong scent
  • Controls oil and deals with dryness well


  • Packaging causes wastage as quite a few product is left behind in unreachable places.


First up what bare minerals hopes to achieve!

Bare minerals claim their combo control primer is specially designed for combination skin. How you ask?

Well apparently this product maintains the skin’s moisture balance whilst at the same time absorbing oil in the t-zone.

If you have combination skin, you’d know this skin type is a mixture of two other types that is the oily skin and dry.

The cheek areas are usually dry whereas the t-zone which includes the forehead and nose are oily. This can make it tricky to pick the right product sometimes as the formula might work on one area but then the other area might be suffering.

Okay back to the product, so this bare minerals primer should result in a skin which looks hydrated as well as healthy.

And of course being a primer, it should also make a smooth base for your makeup, resulting in a long-lasting look.

This primer also aims to blur imperfections and reduce the appearance of pores.

Now let’s see to what extent this is true!

Feel on the skin

So first up is how it actually felt on my skin. Bare minerals say this primer has a lightweight, milky feel to it but should dry to a powder texture that feels soft and looks natural.

Now I’m not sure about you peeps, but the transition from a milky texture to powder seems interesting to say the least and quite different to the usual primers I’ve used before. So I was definitely looking forward to applying this.

Here goes!

I gave the pump a squeeze and out came a clear almost gel like consistency but once I apply it, it quickly dried and transformed into a powdery feel onto the face. It doesn’t feel tacky and feels smooth to the touch.

As for the weight, it’s pretty light just like bare minerals stated. There is no stiff feeling on the skin which would usually suggest the heaviness of a product.

So overall I’m happy with the light and smooth feel on the skin.


Now time for the grand finale!

I don’t apply makeup much unless I’m going out and even then I tend to stick to the natural minimal makeup look.

I go for light to medium foundation coverage or sometimes just use a BB cream or even primer on it’s own to give my face that shine and healthy look.

I decided to use this primer under my medium coverage foundation, when I chose to go out with my family for the day and I can tell you it did pretty well.

We were out for about 9 hours and throughout those hours I did not need to fix up.

Usually I would have to carry a blotting paper or other tools to help revive the look but surprisingly this time round my makeup stayed clinged on.

The oily areas did not over produce oil neither did it dry my cheeks so this primer definitely absorbs the oil and balances the moisture really well as said.

It did leave a smooth base, making foundation application easy and quick. I only needed a little bit of the gel to help achieve this. So less is more!

I gave this primer a go on its own, minus all the makeup to see how well it reduces the appearance of pores or imperfections, but didn’t see no visible results.

I’m not too fussed about this though, I’m happy with the results it gave whilst wearing makeup, after all that’s one of the main role of primers.

Another thing which I like about this product is it doesn’t have a strong scent to it or irritate my sensitive skin.

The clean ingredients are probably the reason why. The combo control primer is free from chemicals such as paraben, sulfate and fragrance.

There was one thing which I didn’t like and that is the packaging.

I have heard from quite a few people too, once the product is nearly finished, left at around 1/3, it gets quite hard for you to get the last of the liquid out.

You have to use something thin to grab it out or I use the other end of the pump to scoop a little out. In my opinion the packaging causes quite a bit of wastage.


Despite this overall I give this primer an 8/10! Reasons being, I really like how it looks as a base and it’s performance with the makeup on. H

I would like to see the packaging change and I didn’t see the pore and imperfection reducing outcome. Other than that it’s a great product for my skin type.

I would suggest this product for anyone who has a sensitive skin with combination type and is looking for a primer that surely does elongate the makeup look.

Of course anyone else is free to try and don’t forget experiences do vary as everyone is unique!

Do you have a particular favourite primer which you want to share? I’d love to know, drop them down in the comment section below!

And if you’d like to check out more awesome primers for sensitive skin then tap here!

Have a great day!?

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  • Nico Tee

    As someone who struggles with teenage pimples and acne marks, primer is my best friend for covering them up. I have been eyeing the Bare MInerals primer since then but I just haven’t the time to buy and try it. The reason why I liked it is that it is good for those who have sensitive skin which I sadly have. And it is not sticky unlike others though this came just mainly from youtube reviews I saw online. But I cannot wait to try this base primer!

    • Sariyah

      i never used to believe in primers but I’m glad I gave them a try as now it solves so many foundation issues. I too have sensitive skin so understand your problems, it for sure can be annoying when you want to try something new but have to be extra cautious!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Jannette

    Bare minerals are an amazing makeup brand that I have used for many years before and the face primer was good. However, after my daughter opened my eyes about animal testing for make-up I stopped using Bare Minerals. Now I use vegan makeup. I will share your website, as love the different reviews on makeup. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Jannette thanks for the comment!

      Bareminerals is a cruelty-free brand however not all their products are vegan so to be sure make sure to look out for the vegan logo!

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