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Looking for the best eyeliner brush that not only applies with precision but allows you to create those looks with ease! Then my friends you are at the right place! Carry on reading to find out what could be sitting in your makeup bag next!

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Quick Overview

  • Nanshy precise bent eyeliner brush
  • Blooma beauty double ended line and define makeup brush
  • 100% pure eye liner brush
  • Hourglass no 10 angled eyeliner brush

Nanshy precise bent eyeliner brush

Best eyeliner brushThe nanshy precise eyeliner brush can be used with gel, liquid or powder based products! Being approved by PETA, it is both 100% vegan and cruelty free.

The bent elbow shaped design helps you create a ‘always desired thin, straight line’ easily! The bristles are said to be soft on the skin yet strong from the handle which are finished in a pearl coat for an elegant appearance.

The synthetic bristles are easy to clean so no scrubbing required. The brand suggest using a soap cleaner for brushes and avoid getting water into the ferrule, that part that connects the brush handle and holds bristles in place.

Blomma beauty double ended line and define makeup brush

The blomma brush comes at a great affordable price under €7 or £5! It features a dual end as you can tell by the name, an angled shape on one end with a fuller on the other side. This brush is said to be ideal for use with mineral liner products.Best eyeliner brush

The gently angled end is suitable for applying eyeliners whereas the fluffier and fuller side is designed to smudge as well as allowing you to define your liner, in the creases too!

It is ethically sources and created using sustainable materials that are not only kind to the environment but the skin too!

100% pure eye liner brush

Best eyeliner brushThe 100% pure eye liner brush is both vegan as well as cruelty free. It is suitable for use with liquid, gel or powder formulas allowing you to apply with precision.

The brush is described to feature a ‘ultra fine’ almost paintbrush like tip to enable you to create perfect precise detailed eye makeup applications, whether they be wet or dry!

It comes at under $10 or £7 so is a great affordable option, plus it is natural so no irritating skin reactions here! Suitable for all skin types! So if you want to create fine lines, add drama or get that perfect flick, whatever it is, the pure eyeliner brush could be your next friend.

Hourglass no 10 angled eyeliner brush

The hourglass no 10 angled eyeliner brush is created to allow you to ‘line and define’ your eyes with ‘precision and control’. It is vegan as well as cruelty free and features PETA approved ‘high-grade, ultra-soft Taklon bristle’, a much more hygienic alternative.

Best eyeliner brushThe handle of the hourglass angled brush is not the usual light material but a more weighted one designed from metal which is known to provide more control so that you can apply and blend with ease. This brush is well suited to be used with liquid, cream or powder products!

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But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out vegan pot liners to try these brushes with!

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