Best Mattifying Primer You Should Check Out!

If you are looking for the best mattifying primer then my friends ur at the right spot! Tag along as we go through some awesome vegan options!

Mattifying primers are designed to control excess oil, helping to reduce shine whilst creating a smooth surface for you to do your makeup!

Anyways shall we check them out!

Milk makeup pore eclipse mattifying primer

The milk makeup pore eclipse mattifying primer is described as a ‘lightweight water cream’ product which doesn’t only act as a primer but holds skincare benefits too! It blurs pores as well as control shine to provide you with a ‘long-lasting soft matte finish’.

Best mattifying primerThe milk makeup primer is said to be 90% natural, clean, vegan, cruelty free, suitable for sensitive skin since it is non comedogenic, paraben free and silicone free! There is also a subtle, soothing scent thanks to the infusion natural orange blossom and chamomile.

According to the brand within a test conducted of 32 people, ‘96% agreed the primer ‘mattifies the skin, creates a smooth base, even base and helped their makeup stay in place’!

Indu mattifying skin blurrer

This primer is a ‘light as a cloud’ skin blurrer which works by reducing the look of pores and removing unwelcoming shine, leaving you with a ‘smooth soft-focus finish’. It promises to not dry the skin but hydrate with its lightweight formula with a clear finish.

The addition of micronised powder is what blurs and reduces appearance of pores whilst porcelain flower moisturises the skin.

The indu primer provides all skin tones as well as types ‘barely-there, velvety-soft’ appearance and feel. The way the brand recommends to use it first thing, top up when required for a soft focus finish, or underneath your makeup as a usual primer for an improved textured and a long lasting effect.

Revolution mattify primer

As stated by revolution ‘shine be gone’, the mattify primer does exactly that, it faces shine head on to present you with a complete matte finish. Plus it contains the antioxidant rich vitamin E which helps to nourish your skin, a much needed feature!

Revolution state you can control your glow through using this product either as a base or adding highlighter to the areas of the face for radiance.

Fenty beauty pro filt’r mattifying primer

The pro filt’r primer is designed to control all day shine as well as extend makeup wear. The mattifying primer is said to work instantly, featuring lightweight ‘cushiony texture’, giving skin the ‘ultimate, fresh, clean slate’ for your face.

The fenty beauty promises to not feel tight or dry! It is infused with a unique blend of blue agave extract along with blurring powder which are known for their mattifying properties plus the filter like properties it holds.

The ordinary high adherence silicone primer

This mattifying primer is here to blur the look of pores, resulting in a smooth surface for you to apply your makeup. The consistency is described as cream like making application a breeze. It uses ‘advanced adaptive silicones’ to allow it to blur the look of pores along with imperfections which ensures your makeup stays on longer!

The ordinary high adherence primer is created for all skin types including sensitive! It is vegan, cruelty free as well as alcohol free and oil free too. This primer can be used during day and night!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

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