Glossier Balm Dotcom – How Good Is It?

The glossier balm dotcom came into my grasp as a result of my overly thirsty pout. I prefer a no makeup look for daily wear so balms, sheer lipsticks or basically anything with light tint is my go to!

Glossier balm dotcomAnd that is exactly what the glossier balm promises to provide so obviously I had to give them a chance. Plus I’ve tried quite a few of their products and so far have had a positive experience.

Anyways if you’d like to know how it went down then I suggest you continue reading to find out!


Despite this being a lip balm I like how the glossier dotcom has a decent shade range. There are around 9 variations. This includes:

  • Wild fig which is described to have a slight coral tint and as ‘jammy and fresh’.
  • Rose with ‘barely there’ pink tint.
  • Birthday is known as ‘vanilla buttercream cake with sprinkles’ of subtle shimmer.
  • Coconut is a simple untinted beachy
  • Lavender is a sheer, soft tint purple
  • Original the fragrance free option with no tint
  • Mint is also untinted but with a cooling feel
  • Mango is as fresh and juicy as it sounds with a peachy rose tint
  • Berry described as a ‘just-bitten’ magenta tint

So there you have all the hues, as you can tell a pretty good bunch! So which would did I go for? Well since I have a massive sweet tooth, this was a no brainer, the winner was ‘birthday’! A tasty choice with some shimmer too!

I would like to think each of the shades don’t have much of an obvious difference between them but you most certainly can smell them apart.


The glossier balm dotcom contains a good deal of beneficial ingredients which is another thing that made me go ahead and purchase it. It is said to be formulated with antioxidants and natural emollients which is thought to provide dry, chapped lips some moisture.

Other equally important elements includes castor jelly which is known to serve as humectant, drawing in moisture and enclosing it, synthetic beeswax that acts as a moisture barrier.

The all too common but effective shea butter which is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins to ‘replenish and nourish’ dry skin. There is also safflower oil made to help support the moisture barrier.

So as you can see there is a hefty dose of moisture packed ingredients but the real question is, is it actually the ‘do-everything lip balm’?! Well read on to find out!

Application /Performance

Application is pretty simple as expected thanks to the specially designed applicator. All you got to do is place it where you require some moisturising, give it a gentle squeeze and voila, out comes the juicy goodness! It does apply ‘exactly where you want’ it just like the brand state.

Okay now moving onto performance. The formula is classified as a ‘does-it-all’ which immediately nourishes lips that are dry and chapped. The dotcom claims to keep your pout ‘quenched for hours’ thanks to their key ingredients! But is this true and to what extent!

Well upon application I certainly felt the conditioning property. I of course used a lip scrub beforehand to ensure there was a smooth base. I’m not sure if it is considered cheating but it did maintain my lips well for a good deal of time.

I would say around 6 hours of soft, conditioned effect. Would this be summed up as being able to provide ‘long lasting moisture’ which glossier state?

In my opinion yes as I have tried a good deal of balms which claimed the same feature however failed in my mind but this one was quite the opposite.

My lips are one thirsty things especially if I don’t keep myself hydrated, it can be seen there first. It gets irritating when you want to rock your favourite lipstick but the dryness shortens it’s lastage however thankfully this balm was a big help!

The glossier balm dotcom was able to keep my lips thirst quenched for a good while along with providing a soft and supple appearance! And that is exactly what I’m after!


So overall I give the glossier balm dotcom a rating of 9/10! It does exactly what it states ‘immediately nourish dry, chapped lips’ and not just that but keep them ‘quenched for hours’! It is easy to apply, features a surprisingly good range of tint and is travel friendly!

With the glossier dotcom balm your lips are kept well soft for a while. It is great to use on it’s own for a natural look or works well with other lip products. If you have dry, chapped lips then I highly recommend the glossier dotcom balm! It features a great infusion of ingredients that are all vegan and cruelty free, so what’s not to love?!

Right that’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome balms!

Have a great day!

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