Eylure false lashes – True review!

The eylure false lashes have apparently been around for over 70 years and I’ve just recently come to know of them! What! I know how can I have missed them, anyways at least now I’m aware of them and you too!

Eylure have quite an extensive amount of lashes up for sale however out of all of them I decided to go for the lightest ones as I prefer subtle looks! So here is my review on the pair, my favourite aspects as well as anything I wasn’t a fan of!

Here goes!

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Eylure false lashes

The 0.35 eylure natural lashes which is the one I currently have is, according to eylure ‘a sweet and delicate’ lash which is enough to make an impression yet subtle for everyday wear! Which definitely sounds like my ideal type of daily wear!

All of eylures lashes are handmade and can be worn for up to 5 wears except the luxe collections which are much longer lasting. The lashes come packed with a glue too which is latex free and guaranteed to last for up to 18 hours. That sounds perfect!


Eylure have a massive assortment of lashes to pick from, and oh I mean massive, there is well over 80 types to choose from!

You can go for the natural everyday wear lashes, lengthening ones, volumizing or intense fluttery lash and much more.

They even have a luxe collection which features a faux mink set that closely resembles the silky softness of a real mink, enchanted, cashmere and much more!

Most the lashes are numbered depending on the drama and volume they provide, which makes identifying the intensity much easier.Eylure false lashes


I’d say applying the lashes weren’t no biggie but that’s after a few fidgeting.

You see I usually go for the quick and easy option of applying mascara however this time I decided to go for something different which happens to be eylures false lashes, anyways what I was saying is application is pretty simple, coming from someone inexperienced says a lot!

I applied the glue onto the back of my hand and then using a tweezer dipped the edges of the lashes into it.

I gave it a few seconds to dry and waved it around a bit to help make the drying process a little quick, yes I’m a little impatient!

After a few seconds I went in with the lashes however found using the tweezer a little tricky so swapped it for my trusty fingers!

You can use a tweezer to stick the lashes on however I prefer using my fingers, it gives me more control in applying than the tweezer, oh and trust!

Anyways after a bit of fiddling and pulling off, I managed to stick them on in the correct place and what can I say, they looked amazing!

Definitely didn’t feel heavy but natural and light! Which is exactly what I’m looking for if I’m going to wear fake lashes.


Everyone wants their false lashes clinged as long as possible, imagine you’re at the party and it decides to swing off halfway through, omg that’s not ideal!

So how well does it last?

Eylure do state their glue is guaranteed to last around 18 hours, now that does sound pretty awesome however I wouldn’t know if it actually clings on that long as I don’t need to wear it that long.

But what I do know is it did stay surprisingly strong for the whole 8 hours I used them for, that’s once I applied the glue in the right spot.

I don’t use false lashes often so I had to do a few rounds of fixing to get it right however once I did, the lashes did pretty well in the lastage game.

Eylure false lashes
Eylure individual lashes


So overall I rate the lashes an 8/10! They last great, feel as well as look light and natural. They’re also quite easy to apply and the glue has a strong hold too. They have a great deal of lash collection to pick from and priced at an affordable price too! 

So if you’d like to check out the eylure lashes out for yourself then I suggest you tap here!

Do you prefer false lashes for your daily look or is a mascara your type? Let me know in the comment section below!

And if you’re a fan of false lashes then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome cruelty free lashes!

Have a great day!

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  • Shannon

    Great review on the Eylure false lashes.  I used to wear lash extensions for years, but the cost and maintenance just got to be too much for me.  These seem like a great alternative.  I’m a big fan of having a set that are noticeable, but not too flashy.  Thanks for sharing.  

  • Parameter

    You are correct every one wants their eyelashes to cling till they end the day. It’s embarrassing having your eyelashes fall off during a board meeting or in the middle of a party. Getting eyelashes with an 18-hour guarantee is what any one needs to look good with quality eye lashes. It saves you the worries over if the eyelashes will fall off. Thank you for coming up with Eylure

  • Samantha

    Hello Sariyah, 

    It is a review of Eylure false lashes. And your content provide readers with valuable insights into products before they make a purchase. Therefore, kind of review can be important for building trust and credibility with the audience.

    Then, this covers various aspects of the product, including the packaging, the application process, and the overall look and feel of the lashes. This level of detail is important as it can help readers make informed decisions about whether the product is right for them. It also demonstrates that the author has taken the time to thoroughly test the product, which can enhance the credibility of the review.

    Also, you provide your personal opinion on the product, including both the positive and negative aspects. This is more important as it allows readers to understand the author’s perspective and make their own judgments based on their own preferences.

    As well as, according to my view, the blog post appears to be informative on Eylure false lashes, which can be important for building a better audience and establishing the blog as a trusted source of information.

    Thanks a lot for the information


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