Nyx glitter eyeliner – true review!

The nyx glitter eyeliner caught my attention a while back when I saw my friend sporting a great eye look. She had a great colour combination and the glittery liner definitely added that extra magical touch to it, so I decided to ask her and that’s when she showed me the nyx glitter liner!

So if you want to know what my favourite aspects were of this product then please do continue reading!

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Nyx glitter eyeliner

Nyx state ‘shoot for the stars’ with their glitter goals liquid eyeliner that allows you to add ‘a twinkly touch’ to any look! The formula is loaded with ‘gorgeous glitter’ that’s mixed in a crystal clear liquid.

It is supposed to dry down for anall out sparkly finish‘. Application should be easy, the brush tip allows you to draw on ‘precisely’ apparently. So let’s see how it actually performs!


What I like about the nyx glitter eyeliner is the cool shades they are available in. You get to choose from six glittery shades.

There is ‘zodiac queen’ which is a yellow colour, ‘diamond dust’ a silver, ‘quartzy’ a pinky shade, a peachy cream hue called ‘crystal ball’, an orange named ‘chamomile’ and last but not least ‘stage trooper’ a navy dark blue kind colour.

I prefer dark shades so of course the ‘stage trooper’ was going to be my first pick!

And because I wanted to try something new I thought why not get another one, besides they are fairly priced.

And so I was a little stuck choosing between ‘diamond dust’ and ‘quartzy’ but at the end it was the pinky shade ‘quartzy’ that dropped into my basket!


Now time for the real deal! So how was applying this glittery magic?

Well I found applying it a breeze, the tip is soft so it goes nicely along the lash without poking or feeling prickly like some bristles I’ve tried. The tip itself is quite thin, allowing for a precise application.

The first coat I noticed doesn’t give as much pigment, it’s mainly glitter that’s shown which isn’t bad but I need the colour too.

The second coat does add some pigment to it especially if the shade is a dark one. The pink colour is more visible with the second coat too. I’d say overall the pigment is great though lighter shades may require an extra layer but the glitter is certainly there.

This coloured eyeliner can be applied either on the lids, the inner eye corners as well as the lower lash line, which is great as some previous liners aren’t suitable for the lower lash line! I usually apply liners on my lower lash line so I’m glad this formula is suitable to wear in close proximity to the eye.

My eyes did water a little at first however after a few wears it got used to the formula I guess.


I’d say the lastage is pretty decent, I applied it at around 10 and decided to wipe it off, which was easy and quick, at around 7. Through that time I didn’t experience any major problems apart from some glitter fallout which was fixable by dusting off.

The liner didn’t flake or hurt my lids either. The specks of glitter are a little bigger than say the urban decay liners however luckily they weren’t irritating.


So Overall I rate the nyx glitter eyeliner an 8/10! It has a good pigmentation especially if you consider the price, the lastage is awesome too and for sure adds a great ‘twinkly touch’ like nyx stated to any makeup look.

I would buy it again, and would love to try out the other shades! The nyx eyeliner can be viewed here!

That’s it for now peeps! What do you think of the brand nyx? Do you have a favourite product from them?

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Have a great day!

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