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Fenty beauty pro filter foundation- Is it really good?

Okay, do you want an instantly smooth, shine-free finish that doesn’t clog pores even with full coverage? I mean who wouldn’t want that! Well you want to know which foundation is all about that, it’s the Fenty beauty pro filt’r soft matte longwear Foundation, for short, fenty beauty pro filter foundation, by the one and only Rihanna!

When Rihanna came out with her makeup line many people went CRAZY! But there’s lots of reason why.

One of them being that alone the Fenty beauty pro filter foundation has 40 shades over, so imagine her other collections. You are bound to find your shade! Everyone is included! How nice!

fenty beauty pro filter foundationI came into the game a little after all the commotion, mainly because I was fairly happy with the current product I had at that time (well I thought) which I used from time to time.

But with all the noise, I wanted to check it out! Doesn’t hurt to try something new, right?

And besides maybe it would give me some sort of benefit which I hadn’t yet found with the previous product.

Enough of that, think we should start now on what I thought about the Fenty beauty foundation.

Quick overview:


  • Leaves a shine free finish
  • Conceals pores well
  • Is lightweight
  • Smooth finish
  • Long wearing
  • Great for oily or combination skin types


  • Dries quickly so you’ll have to blend asap

Is the foundation a lie?

I’m sure many of you peeps have read the description about a particular product and thought ‘oh I really need this’ but wasn’t sure to believe it or not especially if you’ve tried a couple of items and they didn’t come out as expected.

I’m saying this because I didn’t believe the ‘instantly” smooth finish’ but let’s see how right this was!

  • Shine free– yes it worked well on oily areas like the forehead.
  • Pore diffusion– my pores aren’t really visible majority of the time so not sure how effective it is, but according to other reviews many were left satisfied.
  • Instantly smooth– yes to some extent if blended right

So to summarize it did what it said it would quite well!

Heavy or lightweight?

Fenty beauty mentions this foundation is ‘light as air’. Considering its medium to full coverage, I was curious to try it out and see how it works.

And gladly this couldn’t be more right. The lightness was the first thing I noticed when I applied it (o oh a weakness in my previous product has been found).

It’s pretty cool if you ask me, especially if it’s a foundation claiming to provide medium to full coverage at the same time.

Easily blendable?

Obviously how easy a foundation blends is one of the important features to consider when buying and so I had to test this out.

I found blending required a little work for me, in other words it drys quickly, but this is expectable as it’s a matte foundation.

This can be easily sorted out by blending straight after application. Just know that the longer you leave it, the more hard it would be to blend as it starts to dry out.

Despite blending being a minor problem, the foundation was evenly applied and smooth.


Without the primer on or other products the foundation lasts a couple hours until the formula starts to show its weakness such as streaks on the oily areas.

However, with the primer on, expect it to last throughout the day easily, at least 9hrs, after all it’s ‘longwear’.

I didn’t test the ‘climate adaptive technology’ but I’m pretty sure it would happily withstand sweat and humidity based on the results I got.


Overall, based on the experience I would say that this foundation suits those with combination or oily skin best whereas those who have dry skin could really benefit from the pro filt’r hydrating foundation, which is the same thing but made to especially cater for those dry skinned beauties.

In my opinion, I think this foundation is great and I probably would use this to replace my current foundation when it’s finished, mainly thanks to the close-to-skin feeling after one coat and the pinpoint colour shade available. I think it’ll look great with fentys match stick highlighter.

However having said that I would like it if this foundation came in a bottle or other packaging that would allow me to use all the formula instead of a lot going to waste due to not being able to reach it all at the bottom.

If you feel like this foundation speaks to you then why not check it out by clicking here!

Or if you want to view more awesome vegan foundations then tap here!

Have a great day! ?

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