Glossier skin tint – How good is it?

The glossier skin tint or perfecting skin tint in full, was a product I decided to purchase after hearing how it evens out skin appearance yet still allows natural features like freckles to shine through. Put together with its ability to enhance and allow the skin to breathe, it definitely sounded appealing to me!

So shall we see if it lives by its words! Stick around if you’d like to know my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t a fan of in this glossier skin tint review!

Quick Overview 


  • A good deal of shades despite being a tinted moisturiser
  • Easy to apply
  • Creates a dewy finish
  • Lightweight
  • Decent lastage
  • Is quite flexible


  • Runny texture
  • May create excess oil


Glossier skin tintThe glossier skin tint is described as perfecting product that is ‘more skin, less makeup’, making it an ideal skin enhancer. This perfecting skin tint provides an ‘undetectable wash of color’ which cleverly evens out your skins appearance yet allows your natural features such as freckles to shine through.

This product also won’t clog pores thanks to its ultra thin, breathable formula, instead its supposed to leave you with a ‘smooth, dewy finish’!

The glossier skin tint features diamond powder which works to not only brighten appearance, it minimizes pores leaving a soft focus effect. The glycerin infused helps attracts hydration since it locks in moisture.

So shall we see how this perfecting skin tint works?


The glossier skin tint shades include 12 super sheer hues which range in richest to the lightest shades. The shades don’t really have an interesting name, labelled as G1, G2, G3 and so on depending on the tone. The richest hue is G1 with G2 being the next warm rich shade. G11 and G12 are the lightest with neutral undertones. Shades like G5, G6, G7 are medium with neutral as well as warm undertones.

I was initially going to go for the G9 shade which is a medium however it comes with warm undertones which would look quite yellow on me as I have a cool undertone. So which one did I grab? Well the next best one was G10, a light-medium which for some reason doesn’t state the undertone, but despite not knowing I was still going to take the risk.

Fast forward a couple hours, I am actually satisfied with the choice since it does fit well just some slight differences but definitely not as odd looking as the G9 shade would have appeared.

What I also like about the shades is they are quite flexible, fitting a great deal of skin tones. My sister has a warm skin tone whereas mines is a cool tone, yet it still manages to fit us both nicely without looking too odd!


The glossier skin tint foundation has a consistency which leans more on the runny side, it is quite thin and not gloopy which although can be a problem when applying onto the face or hand, I think the good thing about formulas that are a thinner than thicker is they are easier to blend.

I was actually expecting the consistency to be somewhat like this as the brand do state it is a ‘ultra thin’, breathable formula. Of course to be breathable, the consistency should be thin rather than thick and suffocating.Glossier skin tint

So how did the applying and blending process go with the glossier foundation? It was easy and effortless I would describe it as. Before applying it I prepped my face with moisturiser which though did make applying as well as blending quite easy, it later effected the performance on my combination skin in the sense the t zone areas of my face looked extra greasy.

I definitely think is due to the addition of extra moisture from not only the skin tint but the moisturiser too. I guess next time I best skip the moisturiser!

Anyways, looking beyond that the glossier perfecting skin tint is easy to apply whether you plan on using fingers, brush or a beauty blender. I personally prefer using fingers for a light coverage but switching to a brush when need of a full coverage with thicker foundations. Blending only requires a few buffing for a natural soft focus finish like the brand state.

This skin tint literally provides a really thin layer of colour which is barely visible thus giving the impression of a dewy natural finish, ideal for those of you who love a no makeup look!


In terms of lastage. I had to reapply around the 4th hour since the formula had started to fade a little, plus the excess oil from my skin had caused the foundation to appear greasy which didn’t appear pleasant at all. I used a blotting paper to fix the oily issue but still needed to reapply since most the foundation had come off.

Where fading was a problem, I just added more of the skin tint. Thankfully the formula was easy to build on as well and didn’t look patchy but natural as when I had applied the first layer.

The glossier skin tint naturally has a dewy finish which is probably the likely reason my skin looked extra shiny anyways I would say the lastage is pretty decent, providing around 4-5 hours of smooth, dewy finish, depending on the skin type.

I tried to use this tint as a barrier to stop my eyeliner from running or transferring down however it didn’t do such a good job since I had to apply quite a lot to hold the liner up which is expected to be honest.


Overall I give the glossier perfecting skin tint an 8/10! The lastage in comparison to light coverage products is pretty good as is its ability to provide a smooth yet natural looking finish. Blending is effortless and application too is not a problem.

Just the slight issue of excess oil being shown on t zone areas and the lack of cool undertoned shades but other than that I think I would purchase this skin tint again!

I think this tint is ideal for any individual looking for a natural dewy finish which allows you to rock your natural beauty without the heavy, or tight feeling. It provides good hydration too!

That is it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome vegan tinted moisturisers!

Have a great day!

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