Ilia color Haze Review!

The ilia color haze was a random purchase. Despite having a few unused blushers as well as lipsticks sitting in the back of my collection, I decided to throw away some cash on the ilia colour haze. Maybe a possibility of some sort of haze I could be going through at the time of purchase, who knows!

Anyways if you would like to know how it performs then I suggest you carry on reading!


Ilia color hazeIlia is described by the brand as a ‘game changing cream blush and lip colour’ in one useful form. It is supposed to provide a dewy finish on the cheeks whereas on the lips it transforms into a ‘modern matte’ texture. The ilia multi task results in a soft wash of colour that’s easily blendable and just as simple to apply!

It comes along with a metal applicator that is precise so that it is able to have a ‘fuss free’ application on the go! The ilia colour haze features a great ingredients including jojoba and coconut oil, providing not only moisturisation but anti microbial properties too!


The ilia colour haze comes in limited shades with around only 5 and focusing on berry and pink tints. I mean blush are usually these shades not some funky colours. Anyways they are a nice selection with differences that are noticeable.

When it comes to picking blush or lipstick shades, I find it quite hard. I don’t know what would look good so deciding is usually the hard part. It would have been more of a task if the brand didn’t add additional information about who each shade may suit, quite helpful!

With the ilia multistick I opted for the ‘temptation’ which is a coral pink featuring warm undertones. It was this or the shade with burnt orange routes also with warm undertones known as ‘stutter’.

The rest of the shades are:

  • Before today – dusty mauve with cool undertones
  • Waking up – warm nude with neutral undertone
  • Sing – a deep berry with cool undertone


Ilia don’t really talk about how long the shades could possibly last so it was going to be a matter of testing out first hand. I was of course not going to expect some super stay power since blush or sheer lip colours are meant to be subtle not high pigmented. However Ilia do mention that their colour haze possess good pigmentation since a ‘little color goes a long way’!

So how did it do? Well honestly speaking I think it did fairly well! I was able to receive around 5 hours of colour on my cheeks whereas on the lips the tint stayed for around 2-3 hours. It is no surprise since of course if you eat and drink then hue is going to wash away especially if it is sheer.

Talking about the pigment, it was a nice sheer finish, not a super rich but does hold some strength to it.

Rights that it for now peep!

Have a great day!

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