Fenty Lip Stain – How Good Is It?

The fenty lip stain came in to my grasp recently after I had ran out of my current lip product. The lip product I was currently using was similar in the sense that it also provides a light tint. I prefer for daily wear, a sheer to medium lip finish with hydrating properties due to that fact it is easy to apply, and isn’t usually drying for my lips.

Anyways shall we see how the fenty lip stain performs now?!


Fenty lip stainThe fenty poutsicle hydrating lip stain is best described as a lip stain which goes on like a gloss but leaves behind a soft tint. The lip stain is said to deliver, in the brands own words, ‘juicy all day hydration’ instantly upon application!

Now that sounds great! It features a oil in water formula which helps the lip stain lock in moisture as well as condition them for a soft and smooth feel.

The fenty lip stain promises to not to feather or bleed. It offers a sheer to medium coverage in a range of shades too, with around 6 to pick from. These lip stains are ideal for a ‘effortless, low-maintenance look’ according to fenty.


The shade range isn’t as large however it is expected especially for lip tints. They aren’t here to provide colour, more like hydration with some tint. They offer around 6 shades which are mainly in the berry to pink hues.

Their deepest shade is ‘Gem and I’ which is a purple and ‘berry banger’, also a berry shade. The lightest in the range is ‘Mai type’, a pink and ‘Zesty bestie’ described as a coral. The shade ‘strawberry sangria’ is a classic red.

The shade which I decided to go for was ‘Zesty bestie’ the coral one since I prefer going for more subtle shades than richer ones despite knowing this is a tint. I’d rather stick to the safer side and go for something which I know I will use instead of one I’ll swipe and then end up loosing in the clutter!

Anyways about the shade I picked, I thought it was a nice tint for a everyday subtle look or if you want to pull off a no makeup effect.


As you may be aware lip tints are the best in the lastage game so I’m not expecting much nor would I be surprised if it requires me to top up numerous times. Fenty do state an ‘all day hydration’ however I don’t think that applies to colour as well. Plus it provides sheer to medium coverage which means it is going to look quite subtle and maybe even fade away easily.

Anyways how did it do? Well I’ll get straight into it and say it provided around 2 1/2 to 3 hours of tint until it disappeared. As for the hydration feature, that I would round it to 6 hours. I mean it isn’t all day but still great especially since I have thirsty lips which are chapped often even more so in humid or dry atmospheres.

The tint is quite delicate, in the sense that it fades away quicker if you drink and eat but the hydration surprisingly keeps going strong. Other pros about the fenty lip paint which I had notices is there were minimal feathering and bleeding just like the brand stated.

I don’t expect much obvious bleeding or feathering when it comes to light coverage as they aren’t strongly pigmented to produce obvious results.


So overall I give the fenty lip stain a rating of 8/10! I really like the lightness of the formula, it’s hydrating properties along with how easy it is to apply.

I feel like it can improve by adding more shades, and it would be awesome if there was slightly more pigmentation to ensure the tint lasts longer. Maybe the deeper shades which I am yet to try have stronger tone to them.

Right that’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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