Hourglass lipstick- unlocked satin creme!

I am a fan of hourglass products as they don’t only perform well but the design of their products are on point too! So was the hourglass lipstick going to live up to the same expectations as well?

Let’s find out!


The hourglass unlocked satin creme lipstick is designed to allow you to experience ‘high-impact color in a single swipe’! It delivers an ultra hydrating, ‘luxe, satin creme finish’ with an all vegan formula. The texture should be creamy and smooth, gliding on seamlessly, melting instantly onto your lips! Sounds amazing!

Hourglass lipstickIt is infused with ‘Mango Seed Butter, Avocado Oil, and Argan Oil’ which gives the unlocked satin lipstick conditioning properties, allowing you to have ‘soft, smooth lips’ with a wear thats comfortable and weightless.

I forgot to mention the design is beautiful, the lipstick is housed in a sleek gold magnetic case giving it that extra luxurious feel. For added detailed, they’ve embossed it with the unlocked symbol to demonstrate that brands commitment to animal welfare which I think is sweet!


The hourglass unlocked satin creme lipstick offers a wide variety of hues. They mainly stick to the neutral tone with deep as well as light tints. Some of their lighter hues include ‘tide 302’, a rosey beige, ‘Dove 316’ which is a soft pink peach, ‘reef 320’ described as a coral pink and much more!

Their deep selections include ‘Flora 330’, a berry rose, ‘Fauna 340’ which is a deep plum, ‘instinct 326’ that is a cool rich blue red! And one of their new shade is ‘red 0’ a beautiful true red for those who want to stick something more classic.

So what shade did I select? Well it was truly a struggle to go for one but I narrowed the selection to around 6 and then further divided it into 3, which were put through a vote between a couple of people. I know quite a process! So what did I end up with?

The shade which was the lucky one was…

‘Lava 322’ which is a cherry red. I was helped to come to the conclusion of choosing this shades through considering my undertone which is cool. Cool undertones do well with bluish – purple undertones lipsticks so I thought this shade would be ideal.

My thoughts on this colour was that it was nice but a little too strong for me since I always wear neutral, light and subtle hues. But I know I can get used to trying out more deeper shades and maybe end up loving them sooner rather than later! Not a bad choice for a day out!


Application should be easy since hourglass describe this lipstick as possessing a creamy texture as well as vegan waxes for added smoothness. They also mention how it glides on seamlessly.

Plus the design of the lipstick tip being a custom bullet shape enabling an application that’s precise.

So was applying this lipstick a breeze? Well I can certainly say it was delightful to glide across my lips. The texture was smooth and it did have some creaminess to it like they had stated. You can tell the difference between satin and matte finishes so I guess they done well with the consistency.

To ensure you get the most out of the hourglass lipstick, it is recommended to prep well beforehand especially if you have naturally dry lips.

The brand also state one swipe is enough to provide ‘high impact, creamy colour’ thanks to the addition of high impact pigments, which I was a little sceptical about since I am not too sure about satin lipstick finishes and their strength. I do know mattes are the ones to provide strong pigmentation.

Well I was pleased with the results overall! The satin creme lipstick was able to provide a nice coverage. One swipe was enough for me however if you are after a stronger and longer lasting wear then another swipe won’t do no harm!

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten, how about the precise design of the bullet? Was that a success? Well currently it is doing well but maybe a few usage down the line it will definitely loose the ability just like any other product.


Lastage isn’t really touched on so I was unsure in what to expect. The texture is great nothing suggesting it would melt away but the creaminess does seem like it isn’t as strong of course like a matte finish.

The hourglass unlocked satin creme provided me up to 6 hours which I am pleased with. Usually for lastage, matte lipsticks are the one to go for however this satin finish was pretty impressive! It is ideal for anyone who isn’t a fan of the tighter or drying feel of mattes, plus this is actually ‘ultra hydrating’!

Throughout wearing the hourglass lipstick, I did experience slight bleeding of the colour but nothing major. There weren’t no obvious transferring and the colour stayed strong for most the time. It required a little retouch after a couple of hours to ensure the same ‘high impact’ hue was kept when I felt it had faded a tiny bit.

If the shade was a deeper hue then I am sure the results would be more stronger but regardless the lastage along with the pigmentation were great!


So overall I give the hourglass lipstick a rating of 8.5/10! The design is gorgeous just like many of their products, the lastage is great as is applying the creamy consistency. It doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips neither is it drying. The pigmentation is somewhere in between. Not too strong that it stains the lips but not weak either.

Plus I really like the idea of donating 5% of profits from the unlocked support the nonhuman rights project, quite thoughtful! I feel like if they added a few more shades in neutral tones then it would be awesome aside from that I’m pretty impressed with the results!

That’s it for now peeps!

But if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out the hourglass eyeliner to finish the look!

Have a great day!

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