Travel Size Eyeliner You Need To Grab!

The good thing about travel size eyeliner apart from of course being suitable for travelling and not taking up much space is you get to taste a little of how the product is if you are unsure whether it maybe for you before going all in. They tend to be of course much cheaper so you are saving money plus wastage is decreased too!

Right let’s go through them shall we?!

KVD beauty kitten mini tattoo liner

Travel size eyelinerThe kvd tattoo liner in the kitten mini size comes in a 0.2ml size. Enough for you to use for a few awesome creations. The kvd tattoo liner is one of the brands best seller but not for no reason. According to the brand it’s won more than 20 awards as well! Quite impressive! This iconic waterproof liner comes with a ‘tattoo bold’ pigment plus a brush tip that is ‘needle precise’ allowing you to create ‘sharp lines every time’.

If you aren’t so great at lining then fret not as the mini tattoo liner provides easy application plus gives you total control thanks to the flexible tip which hugs your lash lines, allowing you to ‘line it fine or flick it thick’. Do make sure to give the liner a shake and store it flat for smooth results!

I think you would also like to know the kvd formula is quite versatile, so you can use your imagination, faux freckles, body art, graphic looks, you name it, it can do all!

Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner

According to eyeko their black skinny eyeliner is designed to make liquid eyeliner application a breeze thanks to it’s ‘precision point perfection’ that is said to be foolproof! The skinny liquid liner allows you to create simple effects or take a more dramatic approach whether that be for thick feline flicks or thin lines to add definition to accentuate your eyes!

You get up to 9 hours of long lasting wear and a ‘innovative’ formula containing laminaria ochroleuca extract for a smooth and even application. The amount of product you get with the travel size is 0.3ml. A decent amount I would say.

ELF intense ink eyeliner

The elf intense ink eyeliner is a quick drying liner which allows you to instantly enhance your lash line with rich and long lasting pigmentation! It features a pointy tip allowing you to create to your hearts desire whether that be sleek or bold lines with compete precision! Travel size eyeliner

Ensure you give the pen a good shake before use though to make the most of the ‘intense’ pigment. For a thin more precise line use the tip whereas a thicker line can be achieved by slanting the pen.

The elf intense ink eyeliner is both vegan and cruelty free! Plus it’s affordable. This liner comes in one size which is a perfect size for travelling as well as daily use!

Have a great day!

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