Why you should switch to vegan makeup-Find out!

People deciding to become vegan is slowly increasing (YIPEE) and guess what hopefully vegan makeup is going to catch up fast, which is going to be a great thing as the positives outweigh the negatives of using vegan products.

There are sooo many reasons and benefits of why you should switch to vegan makeup, so below I’ve listed few of the many goodnesses of switching.

Are you undecided on switching? Well then what are you waiting for let one of the reasons below make your mind up for good!

Lets crack on!

Safer and better ingredients

One of the positives about vegan makeup is that they don’t contain any long lettered ingredients which you can’t pronounce or haven’t ever heard of, and they contain less toxic ingredients.

Most vegan makeup are free from ingredients such as Parabens which are nasty chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin, causing harm after prolonged usage.

I bet you didn’t know that in non-vegan makeup products ingredients such as shark liver is used. Yeah really! It’s known as squalene. It doesn’t stop there, an ingredient deprived from the linings of whales known as ambergris are also commonly used. Now if that doesn’t make you disgusted and sad (for how the animals are treated) then I don’t know what is.

Natural ingredients are mostly used

On to the next reason to switch, in vegan makeup natural ingredients are largely used such as essential oils and aloe vera. As natural ingredients are used most products are high in vitamins which is really beneficial for your skin.

Ingredients such as argon oil helps to soothe the skin which improves the skins texture and tone, whilst avacado oil provide the skin with hydration making it appear soft and smooth as well as refreshed. Who wouldn’t want a nice touch to their skin!Why you should switch to vegan makeup

Don’t test on animals

Products that are vegan and cruelty free mean that they haven’t and won’t test on animals. Weeeheee! The thing is they don’t need to test on animals as there are reliable alternatives instead, which are going to be discussed a little further on.

Where was I, oh yh, animals are sadly being tortured, blinded and left to die in pain after being tested on. They are literally being bred and born to live in pain. It’s just appalling!

Oh and did I mention animals have different reactions to us humans! This definitely shows alternatives should be in place.

Various animals are used which include not just rats and mices, but dogs, bunnies or rabbits, cats, primates and other creatures.The thing is if more and more people start to buy vegan and cruelty free products, in other words they become high in demand then animal testing will slowly start to decrease which is more than great isn’t it!

Luckily there are products out there that don’t hurt these poor creatures as ingredients can be checked without the need of pain in other ways such as in-vitro methods and computer modelling.

In vitro is a method where tests are done using human cells and tissues. Computer modelling is when computers are used to imitate the human biology and see how the human body reacts to different drugs.

If you want to learn more on the alternatives then click here!
Why you should switch to vegan makeup

Great for the environment

Jumping onto the next reason which is it’s great for the environment. You probably wondering how? Well let me tell you. As no bad chemicals are used there is no need of things like extraction which is how some ingredients are removed. Greenhouse gases are also released in the process effecting the environment drastically.

Most often vegan products use recycled products to make their packaging, so that’s a little less mess going to the landfills. And less valuable materials being wasted like tress. YAY!!! That’s a start.

Hundreds of excellent vegan and cruelty free brands

Last but not least, (actually there’s still many other reasons out there) there are sooo many and I mean sooo many vegan and cruelty free brands out there, that I’m sure you’ll find your perfect alternative makeup.

Examples of vegan and cruelty free brands include inika and Fenty but don’t worry as there are many more. If you want to read more on vegan and cruelty free brands then you can by visiting the link below which includes a few of the amazing brands out there and a little about them.

Are you thinking to switch to vegan cosmetics or if you have already, what made you switch let us know in the comments. Or if you have any questions don’t be afraid to drop them down below.

Have a great day and stay safe!?

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  • Christine

    Hi Sariyah!

    Great post! I am vegan and I use vegan make up. It is very smooth on my skin, I like using it. I agree with you, if more people start buying cruelty-free products then the animal testing will stop. Isn’t animal testing banned for cosmetics in Europe? At least, it’s a start. Hopefully soon it will be banned in other countries too. When I buy any cosmetics,I always check if they are vegan or tested on animals. Nowadays, more and more people are turning vegan, so that means that more people are waking up to the cruelties that are committed for their products. Awareness is growing. 

    • Sariyah

      Hi thanks for reading christine. That’s right as more people purchase cruelty free products then there will be no need of animal testing and ur right with animal testing being banned in Europe but some products are still being sold that are tested on animals. But that is going to change hopefully. I always get soo happy when a product labels cruelty free.

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