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Alima pure satin matte foundation- Is it worth it?

The alima pure satin matte foundation and the alima pure concealer I bought together a while back, both being mineral formulated. As mentioned in the previous blog I’ve just really started to try out mineral makeup and so far I’m liking it!

So I decided to venture out and give it a go, curious to know if this mineral foundation was going to change my mind on mineral beauty products overall or keep it at the positive.

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Quick overview:


  • Blendable
  • Lightweight
  • Nice texture
  • Great shade range with different undertones
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • Can be a little drying if you don’t moisturise beforehand

Alima pure state:

“Our award-winning Satin Matte Foundation provides buildable coverage in 45 shades. Created from four hypoallergenic ingredients, our buildable mineral foundation enhances your complexion while evening your skin tone. With 45 shades, there is a foundation match for everyone”.

Coverage and application

I started off with a light coverage which I achieved using the powder brush quite easily but for the medium to full coverage I found a sponge to grab the product effortlessly when compared to the brush.

When going for the medium coverage, I was just about able to cover my spot marks, which I’m not too bothered about and can deal with.

The light coverage gave a natural smooth finish which I think is ideal if you aren’t intending to hide anything or for an everyday natural look.

I do prefer keeping it on the lighter end when I’m not really going anywhere.

For application tool I preferred to swap the brush with the sponge as it made it much easier and quicker to get to full coverage.

For me blending was as easy as the application. It was even and smooth. I used a powder brush to blend.

Lightweight or heavyweight?

I really like how it feels on my skin, it’s perfect. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing much even if I build to full coverage neither does my skin feel stiff nor the powder settle around my nose area.

I assume it wouldn’t settle in fine lines or wrinkles judging by my experience but can’t be sure 100% sure until tested.

It has a nice texture, a balance between dewy and matte. So it’s not too drying or too shiny. It feels soft to the touch once applied as well.


If you have seen my review on the mineral concealer you would know that the shade range was quite limited but thankfully with the foundation this wasn’t the case.

They have around 45 shades which I think is a decent amount.

The shades have 5 undertones which are neutral, warm, olive, cool and beige.Alima pure satin matte foundation

Buildable coverage?

Alima pure mention more than once how buildable this foundation is, so I was kind of, I don’t want to say disappointed but was a tinie tiny bit upset when I had to swipe a good few more brushes of powder to go from light to medium coverage.

I mean it can be a good thing because then you can’t mistakenly over do it and you feel more in control.

I’d say it wasn’t that big of an issue and I would consider buying it again. It’s something I would expect from a mineral powdered foundation so fair play.

Overall I found this foundation to be great for my combination skin.  And I’m sure other skin type individuals would too benefit from this product.

It didn’t dry my cheek areas neither put all the oiliness from the forehead on display. I was also able to control the coverage but with a little more work which I can deal with.

It lasted throughout the day without melting off.

Oh, I’ll like to add the ingredients are pretty cool too! It’s formulated without no parabens, phthalates, fragrance which is great for sensitive skin or acne prone skin!

I didn’t experience any irritation so it was a win for me as I find some foundations to cause my skin to breakout or go red.

If you feel like you want to give this a go then click here to check it out!

what are your opinions on mineral products? Are you a fan of them? Or do you prefer liquid or cream formulas? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day or night! ?

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  • Jamila

    I have never worn a mineral foundation, Its the first time I am aware of it.  I don’t wear makeup that often, only on social occasions plus I am getting on in years.  From the sound of what you have written it may be more suitable for my skin. My foundations are all liquid and creams, but something lighter would be great if it still gives a natural finish. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Jamila, I totally understand, I don’t usually wear makeup, more reserved for special occasions unless I feel creative. Foundations in the form of Liquids or creams are quite cool in the way that they are available in many coverages and finishes! 

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