Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight and contour!

The Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight came into my grasp after releasing I am missing some sparkle in my makeup bag. I don’t really carry highlights neither contours compared to other beauty products since I only use them on special occasions so don’t see no point.

Anyways after testing it out at some events I decided to note down experiences including what I liked as well as anything I weren’t a fan of! Here goes!


Anastasia Beverly hills highlightThe Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight comes in a stick form that offers full pigment creamy finish. This particular highlight can be used as a contour and concealing as well making it a travel friendly 3 in 1! It aims to deliver a ‘natural-looking’ matte finish that is suitable for use on face as well as body.

The formula is described as a highly pigmented stick with an easily buildable texture to work with. Its buildable coverage means you can build from light to full effortlessly. This particular highlight is both vegan and cruelty-free too!


The highlight and contour in this range comes in 4 shades. There is banana, shadow, fawn and mink. According to the brand banana is a pale yellow hue suitable for highlighting and brightening most skin tones. Shadow is a cool shade ideal for fair skin tones, fawn for light- medium skin tones and mink is great for medium to medium tan skin tones.

If you are going to use a highlight and contour stick for colour correcting then a product with a peach undertone will usually do the trick. The shade best suited to my cool skin tone was Fawn. As both a highlight and contour, it allowed me to accentuate as well as add definition quite well.


So how is application? I mean it does look pretty simple and straightforward not requiring much additional equipment at most right? Well that is correct! I would say application overall is easy and smooth. Bear in mind I did prep beforehand like the brand suggested which is to moisturise even if you have an oily or combination skin as I do. It does make a difference, trust!

So after prepping I decided to use it as a highlighter since that is after all that’s the main reason why I purchased it. So by gently gliding the stick just by my cheekbones as well as the tip of the nose I applied it. The subtle sheen offered was pleasant, it wasn’t too overpowering, yet the pigment in one swipe was rich enough.

I did also use the stick for light concealing under my eyes and the results were pretty impressive considering the main purpose is focusing on highlight and contour coverage. It was able to cover up the evidence of minor tiredness. As for major imperfections I wouldn’t be too sure, I mean it does seem to have the potential due to its creamy high pigment.

Now what about contouring?

To be honest I don’t contour, like hardly ever, only on special occasions if I am not in a rush. But I had to give it a go anyways and found that it was okay. Not bad but I’ve seen better. It doesn’t seem to define to my expectation. I feel the shade isn’t as great for contouring as it is with highlighting. Having said that, blending is easy though.

With blending, using a good base and prepping well does wonders when it comes blending. It makes it a lot easier and smoother.


Anastasia don’t really mention how long-lasting their highlight is so I wasn’t certain if this product would pull through at least half a day! So after putting it through some significant work, I noticed the average time this highlight pulls through strongly is around 6 hours for highlighting and I’d say about 5 for light concealer work. Not bad at all in my opinion!

For both concealing and highlighting the problem was fading. My oily skin started to produce excess oil which was visible around the 5th hour. I blotted and reapplied to extend its performance.


So overall I give the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight a rating of 8/10! It is a great travel friendly highlight stick that is multi user too! The lastage is reasonable, the consistency as well as texture is light and easy to work with.

However the limited shade range and the contour performance is something which didn’t appeal to me but other than that I think it is a great product which does mainly as it says.

That’s it for now peeps but if you don’t want to leave then I suggest you tap here to check out more awesome highlighters!

Have a great day!

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