Attention grabbing blue lipstick to check out!

There are many colours of lipsticks out there, from bold hues like purple or orange to neutral beiges as well as classic reds! And then you have your beautiful blue lipstick which is what we’re here for!

And what would you wear it for? Well the choice is yours!

Carry on reading to check out which one tickles your fancy!

3ina the lipstick 845

The brand 3ina have a whole host of shades including brights, bolds, neutrals, you name it! Anyways we are here to discuss the shade 845 which as you probably know is a beautiful blue tint. This lipstick provides a semi matte finish with a formula that is described as ‘buttery’ and comes with a ‘serious staying power’ as mentioned by the brand.
Blue lipstick

Each lipstick is packed with vitamin E as well as shea butter to ensure you are left with comfortable velvety finish. The brand 3ina describe this lipstick as ‘everything you need’! Another feature to discuss is the design, it comes in a magnetic, colour coded, soft touch case, cool right! This lipstick is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, is vegan as well as cruelty free! So what’s not to love!

KVD beauty everlasting hyperlight liquid lipstick

The KVD everlasting hyper light liquid lipstick in the shade indigo blue is an amazing bold shade that are said to be packed with pigment, providing enough coverage with just one swipe! The iconic matte liquid lipstick provides an all day wear that is transfer proof, a high performance wear as expected from KVD!

The KVD everlasting liquid lipstick features an improved texture with ‘extreme hyper light comfort’ with ultra thin, flexible formula that moves with your lips which is how it prevents caking as well as flaking. The lipstick is also non tying thanks to the addition of raspberry stem cells which are known to be nourishing and provide all day comfort. The angled slim tip allows precise control for wearers so you can receive a perfect finish each and every time!

Byredo kinda blue

With a gorgeous luxurious silver metal design, the byredo kinda blue, is more specifically described as a ‘glittery deep ocean’ blue. At a closer inspection the lipstick features a curved bullet tip which is devised to be used to apply easily, ‘quickly and instinctively’! The intense colour is super blendable that you can use either a brush or your finger.

The awesome feature about this lipstick is it is versatile, you can not only stop at the lips but use it on the cheeks as well as eyes! The multi use stick provides buildable coverage with easy peasy application. Plus it’s lightweight so you wouldn’t even notice you’re wearing anything! For those curious, there are dewy, matte and creamy textures!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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