Melt cosmetics gel liner – Honest Review

I love gel liners, the smooth and creamy touch as it’s brushed across my lids as well as the high pigmentation put together all make for a perfect eye product in my opinion.What made me pick the melt cosmetics gel liner was the description stating all the above features plus the amazing colours, so obviously I had to check them out!

And as a result of that I decided to write about my favourite aspects as well as what I wasn’t too keen on. Here goes!.


Melt cosmetics gel liner

A great feature about melt cosmetics gel eyeliner is the vast range of colours available. There are over 10 shades which is quite different compared to the usual black and brown hue.

Their selection includes colours such as red, silver, orange, brown, blue, green and much more. Melt cosmetics also offer shades in a variety of finishes such as metallic, reflective shimmer and matte.

At the moment the colours which I adore is the steel gel liner which is a blue with shimmer and fortuna gel liner, a matte army green shade. Of course the all popular black shade called onyx is on my list of likes.

So how’s the texture of the melt cosmetics gel liner?

Usually with gel formulas you would get an almost creamy and smooth texture. Gels also tend to be a little heavy, well the ones I’ve tried, especially when you first apply it however thankfully the steel gel shade and the fortuna definitely didn’t feel weighty.

They both have an easily blendable light feel. The steel shade has shimmer to it which doesn’t at all effect the creaminess of the product.

The reason what made me pick on this aspect of the product is because in the past a few products which had shimmer finishes usually have a gritty feel to them, almost like applying sand.


With makeup products that don’t come with an applicator, it’s always best to use a brush unless you are a pro with your fingers.

For eyeliners in particular I like and I’m sure many of you peeps do too, to use a thin pointy bristled brush to achieve the sharpest line possible.

Anyways back to the product, the melt gel liner overall did apply pretty well. Using a brush it glided across without any problems. I only needed a single stroke to get satisfactory results which shows that the pigmentation is actually good too!

However there was a little issue with drying, I had to give it a few extra seconds to make sure I didn’t accidentally end up smudging it but once dried there weren’t no mess. I guess you can get a positive result out of this too, which is you get time to build your smokey look by blending it with the few extra seconds of the formula drying.


I haven’t tried any of melt cosmetics products, they are quite new to me so at first I wasn’t totally aware of what to expect from this gel in terms of quality wise, until I got to try it for myself.

Gels are known for their high pigmentation which you’d definitely expect long lastage to be one of their main strengths too! Right?

So how does this gel perform on the eye, lastage wise? Well I can say it’s pretty impressive. The formula sets to a smudge proof and transfer free look even on my oily lids.

I even tried it on my water line,(which I don’t recommend) and it stayed put for a decent amount of time, roughly 7-9hours. The one in particular I’m talking about is the onyx but the shimmery shades are comparable too.

Melt cosmetics mention how their formula sets on the eyes and not in the pot which I’m for sure looking forward too as many of the gel liners I’ve used end up drying out after a few uses.

I’ll try to keep you peeps updated if it does end up opposite of what they promise. But so far a few weeks in, it’s doing great!

To conclude

So overall I really have come to like the lastage and the light, soft texture. Of course the wide availability of shades is definitely in the list of things to love about this liner.

I don’t think I’m going to let the small issue, basically the drying time, be the reason to not purchase it again or other colours so with this being said I would consider spending a few extra cash again on melt cosmetics gel eyeliner. I rate this product a massive 8.5/10!

Has anyone else tried any of melt cosmetics products and what do you think of them? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day!?

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