Nyx lip gloss – lip lingerie gloss!

The nyx lip gloss landed in my makeup collection after realising I have an own a few shades of glosses in various tints but for some reason not a single nude hue. And that is strange for me since I am a fan of neutrals. Maybe it’s because I’m not so big on glosses, that could be the reason why!

Anyways I decided to finally grab the nyx lip lingerie lip gloss and see how it performs. So if you’d like to know my favourite aspects as well as anything I weren’t to keen on then I suggest you do read on!


Nyx lip lingerieThe nyx lip gloss is described as a high shine gloss that can be worn alone or even layered on top of your favourite matte lipsticks! With these nyx lip glosses you can expect to ‘reveal gorgeous nude lips’ as well as ‘knock out shine’! According to the brand this gloss will be your go to from this point forward.


The nyx lip gloss contain 9 shades in their range which all are in the nude colour spectrum except one that is a clear gloss. The nude shades range in intensity with the lightest being bare with me, that it is a pink sheer hue. On the other end of the spectrum is the shade ‘euro trash’ which is best described as a sheer purple tone. I’m not sure where the shade name inspiration came from

There is also ‘honeymoon’ which in comparison to the ‘euro trash’ has a cool undertone to it, ‘butter’ has a slight greyish tinge. ’Spirit’ is quite similar to ‘bare with me’ but with a little deep tone to it.

I decided to go for the shade ‘euro trash’ which is the deepest they have to offer. I am a fan of darker tones but for some reason I have noticed I actually own more neutrals and pink or berries than deeper ones.


The applicator is a decent size though I would say it has more length to it. I personally prefer applicators that are longer than wider since I have thin lips so if as you can imagine if they had quite a width to them then the product would be applied to only on my lips but well above them as well! Hahaha!

The lip lingerie lip gloss has a furry or fuzzy applicator just like the usual ones supplied with glosses. I would say the sizing is quite similar to expect like mentioned it seems slimmer. Anyways the applicator manages to absorb as well as deposit even product. You can feel the softness of the small fibres built in which makes applying even more easier and a pleasant experience! It also isn’t flimsy or too weak so overall a decent product.


With lip glosses their main aim is to provide a beautiful sheen whilst offering some pigment too. They add a great finish to matte lipsticks and on their own they are supposed to provide a nice shine. So how did it perform?

Well since I apply glosses on their own mainly, that’s what I decided to stick with. I received a pretty decent coating of glossiness along with some hydration. I liked how it left my lips soft upon application. What I didn’t like however was the formula had a sticky feel to it as the hours went by.

I decided to give the NYX lip gloss a try on top of one of my chosen matte lipsticks, well it’s not a complete matte but a sheer one otherwise known as the glossier generation g. The outcome? Well was pleasant for the first couple hours until it was gloss no more! Whilst it was on, the nice shine it provided was great. It gave the lipstick a whole new look!


Lip glosses aren’t as long-lasting so with this gloss I wasn’t expecting a strong response. They usually provide you with between 2-4 hours at most.

The lip gloss roughly gave me around 3 hours of shine before it disappeared. As for the tint that too faded quite quickly since this product does only offer subtle hint, I mean I’m not surprised, it was expected. You have to retouch it every now and then after a few hours for your results to remain consistent.

As for the lastage when it’s layered on top of a matte product, the wear time is quite similar but overall I would say it performs well as a layering product.


So overall I give the nyx lip gloss a rating of 7/10! I feel like the lastage can be improved as can the texture of formula after a certain while. But other than that I like the subtle shades available as well as the light pigment. It is easy to apply, the overall look on the lips is decent too and it’s ability to used on its own along with other products.

You can check out nyx’s creamy lipstick by tapping here, it is said to feature plumping effects too!

Right that’s it for now peeps!

Have a great day!

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