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Pacifica Aquarian gaze water resistant mascara

As pacifica is a full on vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand, I wanted to give them a try and see what they were about. I needed a mascara so decided to pick the Pacifica Aquarian gaze water resistant mascara. Phew! what a long name! (It’s even longer than that)

This particular mascara aims to lengthen and strengthen your lashes with its water resistant and long wearing formula. Pacifica mention this product will ‘make your lashes insanely long and gorgeous as it separates to build volume’.

The formula is infused with coconut oil and vitamin B to ensure your left with hydrated lashes, but I also found it solved another lash problem of mines which I’ll mention later on in here along with my thoughts of this mascara.

Let’s crack on shall we!

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Pacifica Aquarian gaze water resistant mascara

First I’m going to start off with how well I think Pacifica did according to their aim of this product.

One of the things Pacifica wants to achieve is a lengthened lash. From my experience I can tell you that it did lengthen my lash finely to the point is was visible but not ‘insanely’ as they describe it.

As for the volumising part, I was a little disappointed as the product only came into effect after a few coatings which could be because I have thicker lashes maybe so it’s harder to notice.

Long wearing or short wearing?

Obviously when looking for a mascara I want it to be long-lasting and probably most of you guys do too. So this was one of the first things I hoped was true about this product.

And luckily it did last long enough for me to consider it long wearing. It got through 7 hours before I decided it was removal time and if I didn’t clear it away, I’m sure it would easily last a couple more hours, judging how stable it looked just before removal.

Was it easy to remove?

This leads me to discuss how the removal went. This is a waterproof mascara so I wasn’t expecting the removal process to just involve water.

I had to use a q-tip and makeup remover to gently roll and remove, which did a great job and made it all the more easy. So I can say removal was easy!

You might have got the hint about how waterproof it is from how my removal process went. In other words, the waterproof feature was a success for me. So that’s waterproof, check!

Pacifica Beauty

Fantastic formula

The formula for me alone is a reason for me to want to try it, with ‘coconut oil, kelp extract and vitamin B’, I wanted to see if this would make a difference to my lashes.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much seen as it only mentions hydrating your lashes, which it does soften, but was surprised when I noticed after a few wears that the usual white dander which sometimes randomly appears on my lashes were no more.

Now I’m not sure if this was because of the mascara or they just randomly disappeared.

Oh and guess what I like that the product is free from nasties such as phthalates, silicone and petroleum and no carmine!

Is that all?

Nope don’t worry I haven’t forgotten to mention the usual mascara features such as:

  • clumping– there were no major clumping, I’d say it was clump free thanks to the formula.
  • smudge free- no smudging was experienced during the wear time. (Did not cry whilst wearing it so not sure how effective it is in that state)
  • Application– super easy, not to dry or wet. The brush evenly spread the formula onto the lashes.
  • Curl- not really, didn’t notice any difference but can be fixed by curling them first. This was expected as this particular products wasn’t specially formulated to curl lashes.


Overall I’d give this mascara an 8/10 judging by what the product states and what I experienced with it.

I think this product is good for anyone who has thin lashes as they will be able to see the results more easily or if you are going for a natural look then it would do great.

I can’t see why applying it with false lashes would be a bad idea either. So if you are on the look out for a good waterproof and long-lasting mascara that is vegan and cruelty-free with gentle ingredients then you probably may want to try this.

If you aren’t bothered about wanting the bold and volumized look then this would be great for you!

Pacifica mascara is available in two colours, black and a dark blue.

In my opinion this mascara is really suitable for daily wear. I love the natural look it gives off with just a single coat. If this was to finish I would purchase it again for sure.

Click here if you would like to purchase the pacifica aquarian gaze water resistant mascara!

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What’s your favourite mascara? And why? I’d love to hear them drop them down in the comment section!

Have a great day!

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  • phavurd

    Hellooo there ….I want to say a big thanks for putting up this informative article .I came across the acquarian gaze mascara at one of my cosmetics shop I frequently visit but couldn’t get a better knowledge of the product but with the help of this article I can make use of it and as well refer it to my friend too.thanks

  • Christine

    I need new mascara, but it is hard to find vegan make up products in my hometown. I like the ingredients of the Pacifica Aquarian gaze, kelp extract, vitamin B, and coconut oil. Those are great and healthy ingredients and can only benefit our lashes. I like both blue and black for mascara, so I am glad that they are offering both colors. 

    What is the best online platform to buy this mascara? Does it have a good price? 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Christine, same I totally love the ingredients in this mascara! And to answer your question, you can buy it off their website directly or if you like Amazon. There are other retailers were it can be purchased, as for price wise pacifica’s own site does have it set at a reasonable price as well as Amazon.

  • edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. This is indeed an inovation to the make up world. I have not used a vegan mascara before now. Having stumbled into this article article and the amazing features of Pacifica Aquarian water mascara, I am overwhelmed with the amazing benefits one can gets from it’s usage. Buying one now, it’s my outmost priority

  • Skuchmane

    hellloo dear, what nice content you have here, i was actually doing some research online wjhen i saw your review, its really straight to the point, i really do fancy these post, i believe after gong through your post i will do some purchasing, What a great site this,I am looking forward to sharing your link with like-minded people as I know they will be interested in joining you here to interact and share stories about these unique post, and I am sure you will offer some really interesting articles along the way so thank you, will love to see more of your works

  • Nelson

    I would like to start with the fact that the Pacifica Aquarian mascara is water resistant is very amazing. Judging form the rating you gave after considering the experience you had compared to the claims behind this mascara, I can tell that this is indeed a credible mascara that is worth buying, and recommending.

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