Pacifica colour quench lip tint – Review!

A friend of mines suggested the pacifica colour quench lip tint to me, after they brought themselves one and loved it!

I also love lip balms or lip glosses as having dry lips means these lip finishes keep my lips thirst quenched. I still go for mattes and satins but only on special occasions and that’s not without a lot of preparation beforehand.

So as you can see lip balms are a much easier option, they moisturise and add a pop of colour! What more do I need!

Okay enough of that, let’s talk pacifica now!

Quick overview:


  • Smooth texture
  • Scent isn’t too strong
  • Easy to apply


  • Small shade range

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Pacifica colour quench lip tint


The Pacifica color quench lip tint moisturizes the lip with nourishing natural ingredients including coconut oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E.

There’s also fatty acids derived from avocados to ensure lips are left ‘luscious and healthy’.

This balm provides sheer lip colour, so basically a light tint.


The shade range isn’t large with only 5 colour options to choose from. All the shades have a little sparkle to them.

There is ‘vanilla hibiscus’ which is best described as a pale pink and probably the lightest in the range, then there is ‘coconut nectar’ a golden brown with shimmer, ‘sugared fig’ a plum-fig kinda colour and their most deepest shade, ‘blood orange’ which is a coral pink, and last but not least ‘guava berry’, a light purple.


The balm has a smooth texture with a little thickness to them. Balms can be applied easily without mirrors since they have light tints so if you do go a little wrong, you don’t need to worry, it won’t be noticeable and you can swipe it off too.

The pigmentation to the pacifica lip tints are really subtle, for me it’s the moisturizing feature which I’m particularly after and some tint is a plus, so overall it’s a great product for me.

Talking about the colouring, it isn’t so light that it’ll go unnoticed, you can definitely tell you’ve put some colour on.


Balms or basically any product which hold light or sheer coverage don’t tend to have a long wear time. They need reapplying every couple hours depending on the quality or pigmentation.

The pacifica lip tint I found lasted around 2- 2 ½ hours till I needed to top up which if you ask me is actually great for a balm.

Besides, it’s easy to reapply so no problem! The tint gradually starts to fade around the 2nd hour which is probably when you’ll have to whip it out again!

The lip tints a have a scent to them, all depending on their names, so the ‘coconut nectar’ has a subtle coconut scent to it and the rest to have a nice fruity smell.

It isn’t too strong which is great as it doesn’t end up giving headaches.

So overall I rate the pacifica colour quench lip paint an 8/10! It’s easy to apply, lastage is okay considering it’s a balm, scent isn’t bad either. The only thing which I’d complain about is the stickiness.

If you’d like to check out the pacifica colour quench lip tint for yourselves then tap here!

That’s all for now peeps! Your turn, have you tried any of Pacificas products? What do you think of them?

And whilst you are here why not check out other awesome lip glosses!

Drop your answers down below!

Have a great day!?

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