Pacifica enlightened gloss – honest review!

The pacifica enlightened gloss has always been on my list of products to purchase however I decided to skip on it since I wasn’t a fan of light colours but since my preference has changed somehow. I decided to not waste any more time and go ahead and grab myself one.

So let’s get into the review!

Quick overview:


  • Applies easily
  • Great consistency
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Decent coverage


  • Runs out quite quickly
  • Would be great if shade range was wider

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Pacifica enlightened gloss

Pacifica state their enlightened gloss is all about giving you a ‘supernatural shine without the plasticizers’ which is apparently used in many lip glosses sold today.

It’s said to be ‘smooth and non sticky’, something I am definitely searching for in a gloss. The enlightened gloss also features a ‘nourishing hydration and long-lasting colour’ with coconut and antioxidants infusion to make sure your lips are receiving more than just a hint of shade.

Pacifica state this gloss is basically for anyone who wants to achieve a ‘gorgeous subtle colour’ with a glossy shine and the ability to hydrate.

So let’s see if its actually what they state it is! Continue reading to find out my favourite aspects as well as anything I wasn’t a fan of!


The enlightened gloss features mainly neutral shades which look great to wear daily.

There is opal, which is a rose gold kinda shade, beach kiss is a raspberry tone, poppy which is a red poppy flower shade, and nudist, which is supposed to be a peachy purply colour.

The shade which I decided to purchase is beach kiss, which is the raspberry tone. I’ve got a few red shades already so thought the beach kiss would be a great addition to my collection.

Besides light shades are currently my new obsession, it used to be dark shades, I mean still is but I guess now my collection is expanding!

The beach kiss is a great colour to wear daily, it is subtle but still manages to add some colour.


Pacifica state this gloss should be smooth to apply, I would say it does on go quite easily. The wand however picks little product at a time which is fine by me as I can control how much to apply.

But other than that application is good, a few swipes of the product provides a decent coverage.

The consistency of the enlightened gloss is perfect, not watery or too thick. It feels light on the lips too and not tight.

It doesn’t feel sticky either once applied which I know is a major problem for many glosses.


Lip glosses usually last a couple of hours once worn due to not being as strongly pigmented as matte lipsticks or other lip product. The enlightened gloss got through around 3 hours until I noticed it gradually fades away.

Thankfully it’s quite easy to reapply, even without a mirror. The smell is manageable too!

The gloss doesn’t last as long especially if you use it daily like me. There is quite a small amount packed in which runs out quick, not really great considering the price too! However, if you will only use this once in a while then I guess you’ll be fine with it.


Overall I’d rate this gloss an 8/10! The pigmentation is okay, it isn’t sticky, lasts a while and can be easily reapplied. I also like the addition of healthy ingredients such as vitamin E, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

The only downside is the small amount of product which is packed and it would be great if more colour options were available. You can check it out by clicking here!

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Have a great day! ?

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