Purlisse perfect glow BB cream – Review

The purlisse perfect glow BB cream caught my attention due to, number one being a tinted moisturizer which is what I prefer and secondly thanks to its suitability for my skin type, which is combination. It’s also said to be suitable for oily skin.

I find it hard to find a tinted moisturizer that doesn’t encourage excess oil yet still manages to keep the dry areas happy. So could the purlisse perfect glow BB cream be the one!

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Quick overview:


  • Features several benefits
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Smooth to apply
  • Good coverage
  • Lightweight


  • Requires frequent touch ups
  • Not varied undertone

DescriptionPurlisse perfect glow BB cream

Purlisse state this multi tasking beauty balm’ glides on effortlessly just like a tinted moisturizer except with extra benefits which include age defying and sunscreen goodness.

It’s apparently said to be perfect for that ‘Instagram filtered version of yourself’, which I am not really bothered about, whether it works or not. The formula is a ‘matte meets dewy’ finish according to purlisse.

This formula is said to be suitable for combination or oily skin and free from a good deal of junk such as phthalates, animal oils, fats, sulfates and much more.

Knowing about this I had to check it out, it seems like a great match for a combination to sensitive skin individuals.

The perfect glow moisturizer comes with extra features such as sunscreen, age defying benefits and the ability to provide similar coverage to a foundation including, discoloration, uneven texture, dark spots, and redness.

It also has the potential to brighten and improve skin texture thanks to the addition of goji, Hawthorn berry and jasmine.


The shade range is a decent size considering it’s a tinted moisturizer, they don’t often have many shades due to the really light tint.

The purlisse tinted moisturizer is available in 11 shades, with mainly neutral and warm undertones.

There is a pink undertone too. The shade which suits my skin tone is the ‘light’ with a mix of ‘light warm’.

I think if they created a medium with cool undertone or a light with cool undertone, then it would go perfectly with my skin tone.

But since this is a light coverage I can usually get away with the light warm shades without much noticeability.

So overall the shade range and match is good, you should be able to get away with the shades offered without a problem.


Tinted moisturizers are super easy to apply, it’s partly why I prefer them over the heavier foundations.

ff you are in a rush, you need not to worry as there isn’t much mess you’re going to make. Plus they are easy to wipe off to.

The purlisse glow BB cream is smooth to apply, the consistency is good too. It is not too runny or thick, after you’ve given it a shake though. The purlisse bb cream thankfully doesn’t have any stickiness to it either, you know the weird icky feel you get when you tap your skin upon applying some products especially on oily areas of the skin.

However having said that I did experience a little shininess on my forehead or t-zone despite the bb cream being suitable for all skin types!

I applied the tinted moisturizer with my finger tips but sometimes this encourages my oil to come out so a small brush is my second best option.

Both of these ways allow for easy application. Blending is just as easy as applying it too.

The purlisse perfect glow allowed me to cover light discoloration as well as redness with a single coat however for more noticeable marks, a double application is needed.


That brings me to the lastage, tinted moisturizers aren’t a good choice if you are after a long-lasting finish. They typically last around 2-3 hours before requiring touch ups.

The purlisse moisturizer isn’t any different, I had to reapply around the 2 and a half hour mark.

Since tinted moisturizer are easy to apply, touch ups it isn’t a big problem.

The finish is a dewy, which isn’t too sticky looking, if you get what I mean. For my combination skin is works well on the dry areas and the oily areas are okay too with some issue with excess shine towards the end.


So overall I rate this tinted moisturizer an 8/10! I really like the coverage it provides whilst still being lightweight. Consistency is on point, blending and application is easy too. It’s works well with my sensitive skin. 

It would be great if they can fit in more cool undertone shades though but other than that it is a great product.

If you’d like to see how the BB cream performs for yourselves then tap here!

Do you prefer tinted moisturizers or light coverage foundations? Let me know in the comment section below!

Looking for something similar then the glossier skin tint maybe of your interest!

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Have a great day!?

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