Best eyeshadow stick – quick and simple!

Here for the Best eyeshadow stick which are also vegan friendly? Well look no further as we’ve compiled some awesome examples!

So why eyeshadow in the form of a stick?

Well your reasons could be different however usually sticks are the better option for individuals on the go thanks to their size and slick design. They’re also easy to whip out and apply! Plus you don’t need other tools like brushes, just you and the eyeshadow stick. 

Okay shall we start!

Quick Overview

  • Charlotte Tilbury easy eye wand
  • ELF no budge shadow stick
  • Glossier sky wash
  • Vieve shimmer eye wand

Charlotte tilbury easy eye wand

Best eyeshadow stick

This eyeshadow wand features a smudge and crease resistant creamy formula with a shimmering metallic touch to each shade.

They’re easy to apply, quick and richly pigmented, with just one swipe apparently enough to bring a ‘mesmerizing gaze’! I think you’d want to know that the eye wand contains awesome infusions of vitamin B3 to reduce eye wrinkles, caffeine to brighten eyes, and jojoba oil to lock in moisture as well as much more!

These are part of a collection which means there’s much more to explore including highlighters and lip or cheek wands too!

Elf no budge shadow stick

The no budge shadow stick is available in a wide range of shades, around 11 metallic colours! That’s quite a choice there! You can select between purples, pinks, blue, green you name it! Each stick delivers a high pigmented rich hue that blends like butter and promises not to smear nor crease.

They can be used as a liner too, gliding along effortlessly, allowing you to create looks from everyday simple to bold smokeys. Wear it alone or under your favourite eye colour! The stick itself comes with a built in sharpener to ensure your eyeshadow is always on point, plus the twist up design adds to the ease of application.

If you would like to check the elf eyeshadow stick then tap here!

Glossier sky wash

‘A soft wash of matte colour for eyes’

The formula is a little unique as it begins as a usual liquid consistency however settles into a powdered finish which apparently doesn’t feel powdery!Best eyeshadow stick

In their collection there are 7 silky blend-able colours that are said to melt into the skin upon application. The colours have obtained their inspiration from the ‘dreamy Southwest landscapes’.

To add depth a swipe will do and for a more refined touch go for more! The formula is not only long-lasting but smudge resistant too as well as being suitable for sensitive eyes!

You can check out the full review here!

Vieve shimmer eye wand

The vieve shimmer eye wand is available in 5 glistening shades including burnt copper, gold, bronze and light blush rose gold colour. This wand is perfect for adding quick shine to your eye look.

The shimmer is multi dimensional and the formula a matte finish with a creamy texture that’s easy to glide. They can be worn on their own or why not add some glamour by mixing them up a bit!

Apparently these wands have some strength to them as well with vieve stating they ‘stay on until you’re ready to take it off’!

Okay that’s all for now peeps, now your turn! What’s your preferred form of eyeshadow, is it pots, palettes or sticks? Or if you don’t use it which one would you think is best and why?

Prefer palettes then tap here!

Have a great day!

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