Ecotools makeup brush set – How good are they?

Everytime I went makeup shopping the ecotools makeup brush set were literally everywhere. I always somehow caught a glimpse of them, I guess they really wanted me to grab them!

Well they certainly got me there then as a few shopping trips later I finally gave in and took it. If you want to know if the decision was a good idea then do read on as I go through my favourite aspects of this product and if there’s anything I wasn’t a fan of!


Ecotools makeup brush set

Starting with the description!

Ecotools state this makeup brush set is a ‘revolutionary brush system that allows for limitless makeup styling and application options‘ with minimal waste or basically zero waste!

This brush set is also said to be perfect for ‘home or on the go’ thanks to it’s interchangeable system which literally saves quite a lot of space.

What comes with the set

The set comes with 7 brush heads which can be changed around with the one small handle that also comes with.

You even get a reusable tin tray to store your brushes, at least that way I won’t end up loosing any pieces, much more organized! The tray isn’t that big either so shouldn’t take up much space, though it is wide but not too thick.

The brush heads which are included are as follows:

  • Precision blush brush
  • Flat liner brush
  • Blending brush for the crease
  • A precision blending brush
  • Shadow brush for the base
  • Flat shadow brush
  • And an angled liner brush for the brow


I’d like to say the design is probably the main feature which attracted me to purchasing this set. I already have a few brushes as well as one set, which is from nanshy so was really not in need of a new bunch but after realising none of the previous sets are like this, I decided to drop it in my basket!

The overall design is really clever in my opinion and definitely zero waste! You get only one small handle which you use to attach the brush heads, whichever one you need.

There’s no need of using several handles, so eco friendly for sure. I also like how you can take the whole set everywhere too, without worrying that it’ll take any space. A clever idea indeed!

The brushes are made using cruelty-free bristles whereas the handles are from recycled aluminium and renewable bamboo materials. Nothing negatively effecting the environment or animals, which is what I love!

How they perform

I’m going to go through each brush head on how they perform starting off with the blush brush.

Blush brush

The blush brush is quite small, it looks more like an eyeshadow blending brush so I decided to use it for smudging as it says on the label. I think there might be a confusion with the labeling as on the site it reads blush brush however on the actual head it says smudge.

Anyhow for smudging shades, I found it looked too dense at first but then when I continued smudging, going outwards it did a splendid job.

Flat liner brush

This brush head is great for applying shadow and gel eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line. The bristles are packed nicely enabling maximum colour pick up.

I haven’t used it for applying gel liner, I usually use a gel pen, as I’m not too confident with getting the perfect line so I tend to stick with dark eyeshadows which are much easier to fix should I make a mistake, but with this brush application was easy. Hopefully when I do come around trying gel liner it’ll be easy too!

Crease blending brush

The crease blending brush is great for achieving the smokey look. I even use it to blend my concealer and it does well! The bristles are super soft and packed just right, not too loose and not too tight.

I really like this brush, I might use it to blend regularly instead of the one I currently use.

Overall I rate this set a big 9/10! They are super soft and make applying makeup so much easier and joyful by helping me create each look neatly. I also love how eco friendly they are and just the design generally.

If you’d like to check them out then tap here!

Do you own any brush sets and how many? What’s your favourite thing about them? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Have a great day! ?

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  • Akumendoh

    My wife has been using the Ecotools makeup brush set for several months now and I must say, I am impressed with their quality. The brushes are incredibly soft and fluffy, making them gentle on her skin. They also pick up just the right amount of product without wasting any. I particularly love the angled eyeliner brush as it gives her a precise winged eyeliner look. The handles are made of bamboo which is eco-friendly, adding to the appeal of this set. Overall, I highly recommend the Ecotools makeup brush set to anyone who wants good quality brushes at an affordable price point that’s also kind to the environment.

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