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nyx micro eyebrow pencil- how good is it?

I’m sure you all remember how much the brow game changed throughout the years and how you tried your best to catch up with it. From plucking to filling and everything in between just to get that right shape to frame your face. In other words, you may have gone through all sorts of eyebrow products like gels and pencils to try to cope with the trend. Well at least for me this is true and I’d like to tell you out of all the cheap products I’ve tried so far, I really like the NYX micro eyebrow pencil. Well at least for now until I find another fav!

NYX micro eyebrow pencilThe brow pencil which I’m talking about is a retractable pencil that allows you to ‘build beautiful full brows’ with its ‘ultra thin’ tip, which ensures even the finest hair are coated to help give you a defined natural finish.

Okay so now onto all the reasons why I think this product is brow perfect!

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Quick overview:


  • 8 shade range
  • Quick & simple to apply
  • Great design – no need to sharpen
  • Comes with handy brow spoolie


  • Pencil has a tendency to snap easily

The colour range

First up the shade selection, I’d like to say I’m really digging into the various colours available, there are around 8 different shades!

The shades include ash brown, black, blonde, brunette, chocolate, expresso, taupe a light brown colour and Auburn a medium brown kinda shade.

I used the black shade, at first I thought it would be too dark but actually when I used it, it was just the right colour.

It came out a perfect almost black shade that wasn’t too harsh like other shades I’ve tried.

Shade range = 7/10!

Perfect formula?

Obviously with it being vegan and cruelty-free the other thing I like is the formula or texture should I say, whichever you want to call it.

The texture of the brow pencil is a little hard but you don’t feel it when applying. It’s a little like crayons, seem hard but when you use it, it has great pigmentation and feels smooth.

NYX micro eyebrow pencil

The textures makes sure the product stays on your brows for a good amount of time and doesn’t rub of with the slightest of touch.

Great for those of you who often touch their brows for some reason like me.

I found that the formula allowed me to glide with ease and smoothly across the brow too! But one problem I did experience was the reaction it caused. My brows were a little itchy for some reason which leads me to state sensitive skin peeps may need to definitely do a patch test beforehand!

Formula = 7/10!


As mentioned the product is really simple and quick to apply. And that’s largely thanks to the precise tip, you can easily create a natural looking brow by just using gentle short strokes to help mimic real hair or a bold look.  You can easily control how thick or thin you would like the line to be, with pressing down creating more bold effects.

Application = 8/10!


The design is pretty useful. If you don’t like sharpening then you’re going to want to have this in your makeup bag.

NYX micro eyebrow pencil

With this type of product it doesn’t require sharpening because it’s retractable, so you just twist it in and out, a new product appears just like that.

This product is two-sided so want to know what’s on the other side?

 Well a spoolie brush (why is it called a spoolie anyways? I’d like to know) so you can get extra help by using the brush to comb you hair ready.

Design = 8/10!

So worth it or nay!

Of course there is room for improvement, so the only problem I’d like to say I had with this pencil was that it had a tendency to break if pressed a little harder but obviously this can be put behind by using gentle motions, I mean it still does the job. But if you want a bold look then that’s an issue

Oh and maybe adding a couple more shades would be extra nice and cool to see.

Overall I would rate this product an 7/10! Would I buy this again? I mean   it did tick most of my boxes in what I am looking for in a brow product whilst at the same time being affordable. However I didn’t like the itchiness it caused as well as how easily it could snap hindering the ability to perform well.

If you think this micro brow pencil speaks to you then what are you waiting for,go grab yours! 

NYX micro eyebrow pencil
The full product

Whilst you are here, if you want to check out the NYX stay matte not flat powder foundation then tap here!

Or more awesome vegan brow products tap here!

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the comment section, glad to help!

Have a great day! ?

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  • Samuel Edelfelt

    I will come back to this post when the day comes that I am ready to show my girlfriend about this makeup. I am so lucky to have discovered this website showing many posts to help people and share knowledge about makeup. I will be sure to share with friends in my life into this sort of thing. I also love the design and flow of this post. I love the detail you put into the article and I hope to see more posts like this one!

  • Dave

    Hi Sariyah, my wife has been complaining about the low quality brow pencils she has been buying from the mall, and she has been quite frustrated by them recently. I thought I’d give her a surprise by getting her a good pencil that will give her good service. I am going to get the NYX micro bow pencil for her and surprise here with it. I hope she likes it. 🙂

  • LineCowley

    I far prefer using a retractable eyebrow pencil that doesn’t need sharpening, as I never seem to find the sharpener when I need it. So this Nyx micro brow pencil seems to be perfect for those preferring a retractable pencil. The 8 shades offer a good range from blond all the way through auburn to black. 

    Although you mention that the Nyx micro brow pencil is vegan friendly and cruelty free, it would be very helpful to know if it is also eco friendly and sustainable. As a bit of an eco warrior, I always want to know that products are made with eco friendly and sustainable ingredients. Thank you. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey line thanks for visiting!

      I agree, retractable pencils are way better and much more travel friendly for the reasons you have mentioned!

      As for nyx being eco friendly, I wouldn’t say they are a eco friendly brand, you can check out my post here on eco friendly brands!

  • Mimi

    A very nicely analyzed eyebrow brush. The design is beautiful, the quality according to the description is excellent, it has several colors, so it can be adapted to the color of the eyebrows from young to middle-aged ones. I would like to buy it for my granddaughter, but maybe in the future.

  • Michel

    I have been using a mascara type product to color my brows as all the pencils I have tried are way too thick and I like a more natural look when it comes to brows. I see this one looks like it will be worth a try as it is thin and thus coats the hairs rather than drawing a line on the skin. I just wonder if it breaks easily as it is so thin?   I see it is also vegan friendly which is an added bonus. 

  • pasindu dimanka

    My gf has complained about the low quality of brow pencils available. I will return to this page for a second read-through when the time comes to finally show my girlfriend this makeup. My goodness, I can’t believe it took me this long to find this website with so many posts dedicated to helping others and sharing knowledge on beauty products. Thank you for your amzing article. I will definitly share this.

    • Sariyah

      Hey Pasindu thanks for the comment

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post! Brow pencils can be annoying especially if they don’t possess that creaminess that makes it easy to apply and break easily.

      Have a great day!

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