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Best foundation for combination skin!- you need to try!

Foundations for combination skinAhh! Combination skin, the tricky one, the one that can’t make up it’s mind on which side to stay, the one that sometimes drains you looking for the perfect foundation. I fully understand the problems combo skin peeps go through as I’m also part of the team, that’s why I’ve decided to list a few of the best foundation for combination skin! (and other reasons too!)

If you have a combination skin then you have a mixture of both oily and dry areas. Oil tends to build up on the forehead whereas dryness appear on the cheeks and other areas.

You may be thinking ‘oh great I need two whole different products’ but nope that would be mean and hard for us combo skins, I mean you could do that if you want but I’m sure you want an easier way.

So what this type of skin loves is the perfect foundation that is slightly matte, preferably a liquid one. So when on a lookout for products to suit your skin type try to pick semi matte foundations as you’ll find they cater more for your needs.

A good semi matte foundation reduces oiliness whilst at the same time hydrates dry areas.

Urban decay stay naked weightless

Let’s start with urban decay, this particular foundation is said to be suitable for all skin types, so dry, oily and combination peeps can join in. But let’s talk about how good it is for us combo skinned individual.Best foundation for combination skin

So urban decay have a massive 50 shade range which means your bound to find the perfect match. The ‘real-skin matte finish’ lasts a whopping 24 hours and helps minimize the appearance of pores which often are visible in oily areas and doesn’t emphasise the dry areas.

Many people have stated how lightweight and natural it feels and looks. So if your about the light, free natural feeling then your going to love this! This foundation is demi-matte.
Coverage: medium

Anastasia Beverly hills luminous

The Anastasia luminous foundation is a water-resistant product that aims to give you a luminous natural finish. The formula is set to be long wearing and gives you a medium coverage whilst also feeling light on your skin, similar to urban decay.Best foundation for combination skin

Anastasia state their foundation is open to all skin types.WOOHOO! The formula is oil-free so already a great feature for the oily areas but also has a dewy finish so your dry areas aren’t left on their own. They too have a massive 50 shade range. To achieve best results apply a moisturizer beforehand.

If you want a full review, click here!

E.l.F acne fighting foundation

This affordable brand happens to create a thoughtful product, the acne fighting foundation to be precise. As you can tell by the name this foundation is a favourite for anyone who has sensitive and acne prone skin thanks to its salicylic acid, tea tree, aloe Vera and other ingredients.

It apparently really soothes your skin. You can even check the many great reviews.

The foundation is semi matte which means we are good to go. It hydrates the dry areas whilst also keeping the oily areas in mind. You can achieve a full coverage with this product.

Check out the full review here!

100% pure fruit pigmented healthy foundation

Are you looking for a ‘rich,creamy and has an anti-ageing formula without fragrance’ then you may want to stop and have a look at the 100% pure fruit pigmented healthy foundation.
On their site they recommend this foundation for every skin type.Best foundation for combination skin

The formula includes an oil-absorbing rice powder so that’s the oily areas checked and a soothing aloe Vera helps to keep your skin happily hydrated. but it comes in a matte finish
Coverage: full

Tap here if you would like to know more! 

Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation

Charlotte Tilbury has a wide range of foundation covering all skin types, so it’s pretty obvious it was going to be on the list of foundation for combination skin.

The magic foundation is a demi matte weightless formula so your going to get the flawless skin you’ve been longing for without the excess shine or dryness. You want to know another benefit?

It includes an anti ageing formula and other beneficial ingredients for your skin and ‘glides on like a dream’. It’s long lasting too! If you want to read the full review click here!
Coverage: full

So that’s it peeps but don’t worry as there many more foundations out there waiting to be trued. If you have any suggestions or questions then let me know and I’ll get back to them.

If you don’t want to leave then you can tap here to view primer for combination skin!

Have a great day or night!

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  • Feochadan

    I gave up on wearing foundation about 20+ years ago because any I tried were so heavy and I think most of it went on my collar.  That and it totally clogged my pores so I had to use another product for the blackheads and acne.  It’s SO nice to see that things have changed a lot, especially for those of us with combination skin.  I think I like the Urban Decay one the best because it’s light weight, has a huge number of shades (I’ve always had a hard time matching my pale skin) and lasts for 24 hours.  Thank you so much for pointing out the benefits of all of these foundations!

    • Sariyah

      Hey feochadan you are totally welcome, glad this helped you out!

      Isn’t it amazing how times have changed so quick to be able to cater for all skin types. Combination skin can be the tricky one due to the two sides, oily and dry but thankfully we are now able to find a solution to this. Urban decay does have a great texture!

  • Ashley

    Oil absorbing rice? I had no idea you could find this in a foundation! And that it would be a good fit for my for my combo skin.

     I have never heard of the 100% pure fruit brand,  but I’ll have to try it now. 

    I think I have tried the elf acne clearing one, however, and didn’t have the best results. Usually, when I try a foundation with salicylic acid in it I find the texture isn’t suitable for achieving the coverage I need.  That’s just me tho.  

    I’m looking forward to trying some of those other suggestions. Thanks! 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Ashley thanks for stopping by!

      Your right, everyone has different experiences, a product might work for one person but on another it’s the total opposite!

  • petra

    I’m so glad to have found your page, as vegan and cruelty free products are so important to me! Of course I’m one of those people where the skin can’t make up its mind, lovely combination skin, yay! On top of that I’m getting older and need something anti ageing, so I’m definitely going to look into the 100% pure fruit pigmented healthy foundation you mentioned. 

    One question. Do you have any idea whether all or any of these are contactless friendly? 

    • Sariyah

      Hey thanks for the comment! Yh combination skin struggles are real and top of that if you have aging skin then that must be even hard. If you do purchase it I would love to know your experiences! And as for the contactless method, I think that is a option for most products, well I’m hoping they are friendly!

  • Collieradrian

    This article is so cool to find out the different ingredients that can be used to make vegan makeup. With the popularity of the more popular makeups, you find that they tend to leave out what ingredients they make their products with; however, these products are great to lead with since a majority of people love their animals, and want to make products that keep everyone happy.

    • Sariyah

      Thanks for the nice comment glad you enjoyed the post!

      It’s important knowing what the ingredients or at least the main ingredients are especially if you are looking for a particular foundation to suit your skin needs.

  • LineCowley

    This is a very helpful list of foundation brands that are suitable for combination skin. As I am getting older, I am feeling that I need to wear foundation on a more regular basis to hide some broken veins. I have often struggled to find the right shade for my skin tone, so the fact that Urban Decay has 50 shades to choose from, is amazing. 

    But I love the sound of fruit pigmented foundation with the anti-ageing formula and oil-absorbing rice powder. Thanks for sharing a great selection that will make my choice easier. 

    • Sariyah

      Hey Line thanks for stopping by!

      Fruit pigmented foundation maybe a good choice if you are after then anti ageing benefits however if shades is the issue then of course a brand with a wide shade range would give you more of a chance of getting the perfect matched shade, not saying others won’t though.

      You can check out other vegan foundations for aging skin here is that’s something you are interested in.

  • Michel Maling

    Now reading this it dawned on me that I have combination skin and that is why I struggle to find a foundation that I am happy with. They either seem to flake on my skin or look too shiny.

    I like the look of the Urban Decay weightless one as it looks light on the skin and it says it hides the pores. I don’t enjoy foundations that look like you plastered your skin in paint. So unnatural, then I would rather wear nothing.

  • Jessie

    Hello and thank you for this post over some good foundations.  My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up soon and I want to get her some nice makeup that she can wear and enjoy.  Foundation is on the list.  I really like the sound of the Anastasia Beverly hills luminous as it has a name that sounds fancy, and it is water resistant, as we go to the beach a lot.  So thank you for sharing this foundation!

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